Connacht Senior Football Championship 2019

Absolutely pointless. Both sides will gain absolutely nothing from that.

Would it be objectionable to suggest playing say the League Final in NY as a way of promoting the game in the US without the spectacle of NY getting hammered and nobody learning anything from it.

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He’s a shithead.

Indeed . Jumped on the Mayo bandwagon in 2017 and I had the biggest laugh listening back to his rant the day after the final . I never believe he gives a shite about Gaelic football

Kevin Kilbane has been supporting Mayo for many years.

Nope, London and New York are Connacht Championship teams. No need for other counties to try and get a day out in New York City :grin:

He’s a fucking prick for many years too.

In any case, fair play to Mayo making it a big event over there, especially for their many expats - Sounds like it pissed rain during the match but I’m sure everyone made the most of the trip.

Sure why didnt ya go over instead of following a Dublin forum at half time in the match :joy:

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Perhaps London should play New York. Just to be fair like…

Because I don’t live in Ireland and go to most of the matches back in Ireland. It already costs lots to go home for all the games.

I’d love a trip over to New York to watch the Dubs.

The New York and London championship matches are very important for the Irish immigrants (first, second gen etc) in those cities.

Whilst it is not a great spectacle, can we have nothing positive without all the moaning :see_no_evil:

Didn’t London get a scalp a few year back? Made it to the Connacht final.

New York should have beaten Sligo two years ago, albeit they have gone right back now


It would be nice to get some coverage of them. Rte/Sky not letting mayo tv show it is like a 5 year old saying im not playing so im taking my ball home!

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Only pulling the piss. Fair enough

I missed Marty on the radio. I had an over 60’s match.
Even though I didn’t play well I still managed four pints but I was so mad at how I played I had a half one when I went home and listened to ‘Take me home to Mayo ‘ again and again just to flagellate myself .
Be warned my friends…
“Our true enemy has revealed himself”.

New York vs Mayo

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Waste of money and time me arse, it’s a throw back to when our expatriates basically funded our rebellion, who’s money are they wasting ? Who’s time are they wasting ? And why do Dubs give a shit anyway, I love tradition it launches the summer , is it because Mayo make so much money in NY we are pissed ?


Luis Suarez has left the Leitrim panel. Must have lost his hunger.


He has been dogged by injuries for years as well.

First thread I’ve started here, so now that the nyc party is over it’s time for the real football business for ourselves to start…Mayo team named to face Roscommon this day evening:

  1. Robert Hennelly - Breaffy
  2. Chris Barrett - Belmullet
  3. Brendan Harrison - Aghamore
  4. Keith Higgins - Ballyhaunis
  5. Patrick Durcan - Castlebar Mitchels
  6. Michael Plunkett - Ballintubber
  7. Lee Keegan - Westport
  8. Matthew Ruane - Breaffy
  9. Aidan O’Shea - Breaffy
  10. Fergal Boland - Aghamore
  11. Jason Doherty - Burrishoole
  12. Diarmuid O’Connor - Ballintubber©
  13. Evan Regan - Ballina Stephenites
  14. Darren Coen - Hollymount/Carramore
  15. Kevin McLoughlin - Knockmore