Covid 19 Help Link

You sir are a genuine conscientious gentleman. From past experiences of offer of assistance from yourself you are a one cool dude!

Top dog!


To be honest if any of ye were on fire I wouldn’t… oops wrong group .


@DUB09 I clearly remember your letter to the Irish times, not the one in 67 but the other one in 68, about electricity being the ruination of married life, needless to say your not forgiven. As for that famous €20, it’s like the golden horned leprechaun, often spoken of but never seen.


@JJF very kind words :hugs: I am a poor reflection of the many good people around me but thank you.

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Based in D14, so available for the surrounding areas.

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Watch the quiet man instead…

Well done @Iomaint and everyone else offering help. In the next few weeks we will see the best of humanity and we will all get through this

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I’m happy to offer my services too for anyone who needs assistance - live in Lucan but nowhere is too far at a time like this.

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Unfortunately my “expertise” revolves around broadcast media production in one way or another

Not sure how that helps unless you want someone to edit a documentary for you or setup an outside broadcast

But I could drop over a bag of spuds no bother with the best of them

I will be in work tomorrow at 9 .If anyone needs anything drop me a note and I will sort entry.Wholesalers.


Due to my wife still working (for now anyway), I will be out in the taxi from 4-10am most mornings this week. If people need stuff picked up/shopping for older relatives etc or anything that you can use my services for, you know where to find me.


There a lot of crap going around online/WhatsApp etc…anyone see suggestions of a big announcement tomorrow?

I fail to see why people want to cause panic

Because people believe it’s an actual possibility?

What is?

WhatsApp message tonight that full lockdown is to be announced tomorrow in place Tuesday. Army outside every supermarket etc. More than likely a hoax but you know some people take everything at face value

Yes but I don’t blame those who take it at face value…people are very afraid. With technology those writing these unofficial messages should be rounded up and detained.

Nothing should be taken seriously unless it is from an official source. People just keep saying " They say…, without saying who They actually are…, but yet seem to take what "They " say as being gospel.

This should be on to do list when this is all over , if there was a need to rein in gobsshites on social media before now ,it should be priority after the amount of bullshit posted .

Jaysus I thankfully never heard that.

Was this rumour bout the army not debunked on Friday.