Covid 19 - The Third Wave (Part 1)


Re. your last post in the last thread which got me curious…

A report in a digital Spanish publication just today outlines how, according to employment legislation experts, a refusal to take up the offer to be vaccinated will not lead to a reason for dismissal owing to the fact that the government have not made vaccination an obligatory measure for the entire population.

Having gone searching for an English lanuage report along similar lines, I was surprised to find that…

"Spain’s health minister has said the country will create a vaccination registry that will include those who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19, yielding a document that could potentially be shared with other countries in Europe.

“The European commission did not immediately respond to questions over whether this registry reflected an EU-wide initiative or what role Brussels might play in sharing this information.”

It could be argued that what the vaccine giveth on the one hand (health protection), the vaccine - or moreso the authorities responsible for distribution of same - taketh on the other (the insidious collection & use of data of the individual).

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Then you made a point about eye tests which I responded to. If you don’t like being disagreed with don’t post on a discussion forum.


Round them up! :yum:

Uk death tolls hits 100,000 thanks to their appalling government and their reluctance to take any measures they have 50 times the deaths we have, with a population only 14 times more then ours.

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Hopefully it will be proven to, it would be huge in fact because it means we could achieve herd immunity through vaccination so people with immune issues or those too afraid to take the vaccine can get protection from everyone else.

If it does stop transmission then until we reach level high enough to gain herd immunity those without history of having the virus or having been vaccinated will likely be banned from travel to most first world countries I’d imagine. That’s not authoritarian, it’s common sense.

Can’t help but laugh at the libertarians railing against every anti virus measure, constantly playing b it down no matter how ridiculous it makes them look, as if their personal freedoms to not wear a mask is more important then people actually dying and families being bereaved. Can the rest of us not have freedom to not be infected by people who are too selfish to take precautions because they won’t allow themselves to take the virus seriously?


Can’t see social distancing lasting for the foreseeable future…it’s these vaccines or bust. People won’t live like this for years. No social contact, life passing us by.


I agree with this

It won’t take years. But masks are with us till everyone who wants to be vaccinated or, or until we achieve herd immunity through critical mass.


Very nicely put @JohnC

And thanks for the links above. Very interesting.

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Just thinking there as I was watching the news about the 63 families of the people reported dead today and the heartbreak and sorrow they have had. Then there are the hundreds in ICU with families worrying about them, and them worried about their families - and how horrific it all is.

Yet we have complete morons here and elsewhere questioning lock downs and vaccines. We laugh at the nut jobs in the US who attack their politicians etc. But we have the exact same here. Maybe (hopefully) in lesser numbers, but they are the same breed of idiot. It is akin to the same brain dead grievance culture that led to Nazism and other forms of fascism. ‘The world is conspiring to get us, but I’m too clever’, is the basic philosophy here. The reality is that it is just a fantastic way for brain dead morons to reveal themselves. It is vital they are not given any leeway or sympathy. Feeling sorry for them because they are under educated, something I have heard said a lot recently, doesn’t cut it here. It doesn’t take education to have an ounce of empathy for your fellow human.


At the rate will we reach herd immunity this year? If not, can a huge sector of society survive another year out?

Put it this way…if there was 330 million Irish people and we had easy access to guns we would be a million times worse :wink:

If we get a million Oxford vaccines a month, and increase other vaccines we should get there this year.


I can’t see us not reaching some form of herd immunity this year. Even by conservative estimates we will have a couple of million vaccines along with the 200k / 300k that have developed immunity (and the apparent load of people that seem to have natural immunity).

Given all the vulnerable will be vaccinated (or at least the predicted vulnerable), I would assume there would be a massive decrease in deaths and serious illness by summer time.

I know something could go wrong, but there is no reason to think it will. I would assume by the end of February, the end will be in sight, even if it is still a bit far off.

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Interesting point, would we be? I would like to think not, but this whole covid thing is revealing a whole level of scary, ignorant people that I never thought were there - so you could be right!!

Warp speed.

Sheesh September seems a long way away.

What do they do with the data?