Covid 19 - The Third Wave (Part 2)

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So is this part 4 or part 3.2?


No one in the Az v Sa Variant test went on to the hospital tho? although the average age was only 30, so perhaps they wouldn’t have anyway.

I would take whatever you are offered now, and you will be first in line for the booster.

If the SA takes hold in the UK (not a forgone conclusion) we will be better protected from it then they are because as we will only have about 20% of people with AZ (compared to their 60 or more %), so it won’t run through here that quickly and anyone on an AZ jab will surely be first in line for the booster.

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Jaysus that’s pretty good considering- thank Christ for Pfizer.

Pfizer have already increased the vaccine price to €19.50 per dose up from the initial EU deal price of €13. This is going to be an incredible bonanza for them.

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Surely next week with AZ going full title to the 60-69s and Pfizer going as usual we will have a huge week?

Pfizer supply increased to about 125K week in April if not more . Moderna was supposed to increase also,

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The Eu was criticized for wheeling & dealing on price before. If it takes more to guarantee supply then I’ll all for it.

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Let’s see how many of that age group get jabbed

Coveney showed yesterday why he will never be Taoiseach

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(A tantalising wait ensued) @LondonJack

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For delivering a take it or else to one of the most vulnerable groups in society . Poor communication

10 percent against the SA variant … I can see the concerns of that age group

Another good reason not to vote FG.

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Good article free today from FT about why we shouldn’t worry about vaccine blood clots. The one in a million risk of a fatal blood clot is broadly the same as the chance of dying in an accident on the way to get vaccinated. Your chance of dying from covid obviously multiples higher. Long covid affects the lives of 1 in 3 we’re told by someone here (sounds high).

The point it doesn’t touch on is the issue with AZ versus the South African virus, but as others have guessed, boosters etc should help.

The search for perfection is the enemy or whatever Mike Ryan said is still salient.

An abundance of caution.


Poor communication or speaking directly to people like adults?

That age group in my opinion should be offered the option of another vaccine. Not to be given ultimatums by somebody who’s afraid of being known as leos little maid .

The Brian Fenton of vaccines. Quiet, unassuming, always delivers and the backbone of the operation. If only we had another couple of Fentons and Pfizers.


No idea what your second sentence is about really Jack.

I’d like my choice of vaccine too please.