Covid 19 - The Third Wave (Part 2)

Ah yes because anecdotal evidence is really cast iron.

So non one you know who has caught it has been vaccinated since they had it?

I know nobody personally, but there are cases, the golfer Raihm, missed out on winning a tournament and later missed the olympics

This report only out the other day

and this:

A third of infections don’t get any protective antibodies

Some people who get COVID-19 receive no protection from reinfection – their natural immunity is nonexistent. A recent study found that 36% of COVID-19 cases didn’t result in development of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. The people had different levels of illness – most had moderate disease, but some were asymptomatic and some experienced severe COVID-19.

“Vaccine-induced immunity is more predictable than natural immunity,” says Dr. Rupp. The COVID-19 vaccines provide great protection from severe disease, hospitalization and death.

There are some studies that say otherwise but at best they put it on a par with vaccination.

if you get covid you get a recovery cert for 6 months, 5 times 6 months is 30 months.
boosters being rolled out in less that 12 months, the maths just doesn’t add up.

I was over in London two weeks ago, Covid does not exist for the majority of places, pubs full on open, standing at bars no SD, 50% compliance at max on mask wearing on the tube. Its a clusterfuck.


Good old British resolve. Ignore it and it will get fed up and go away. Carry on chaps.

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How long does it take to “do your own research “ out of curiosity? How long did you need?

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aren’t the covid numbers for London currently pretty low, for such a densely populated area you’d expect it to be a lot higher.

Was there the 1st weekend in October and it was an eye-opener

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There the same weekend. Mental. No wonder they’ve 40000 cases a day.


I’m heading to Frankfort in two weeks, it will be interesting to see how the Germans are dealing with it.

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I missed the bit where they said it lasts 5 times longer. Maybe you can post a link to that. Or maybe you have misunderstood the data?

What they actually said was

US adults who previously had COVID-19 contracted the disease at more than five times the rate of those who were fully vaccinated, according to data published today in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR ).

Pretty simple really. Especially combined with the other report which suggests that people who had a very mild or asymptomatic dose may have no antibodies at all afterward. And that natural immunity is too unpredictable compared to a vaccine reaction.

Here’s the full study - very much contradicting your anecdotal evidence & whatever report that nurse on youtube was going on about. (His PhD is in online learning).

very misleading headline if it’s only people who were hospitalized with covid but it’s good to see an article that confirms a pretty large amount of people are not only catching covid twice but ending up in hospital, if that is happening here our media should be making people more aware of it.
aside from hospitalizations I wonder what the figures are for vaccinated people who test positive for covid versus unvaccinated people who test positive again.
daily case numbers here with breakthrough cases for both vaccinated and unvaccinated but previously infected would be very useful.

From the Nebraska article

The data is clear: Natural immunity is not better. The COVID-19 vaccines create more effective and longer-lasting immunity than natural immunity from infection.

  • More than a third of COVID-19 infections result in zero protective antibodies
  • Natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity
  • Natural immunity alone is less than half as effective than natural immunity plus vaccination

I think they’re calling it hyper immunity now, previous infection and then vaccination or the other way, vaccination and then infection.

Depends on the level of infection- not if you’re one of the 33% with no antibodies after infection. Better to have 3 x vaccines.

Europe is struggling again. . Winter in Europe means indoors generally . It’s a seasonal virus and it’ll be an annual jab unfortunately but maybe after the 3rd jab it’ll dissolve into a common cold

Spain be next . Mostly U.K. like there

Netherlands imposing more restrictions next week

Over 3,200 today here 15 percent positivity

Hopefully no spikes in the hospitals

3,500 hospital staff out sick!! Riddled with it!

Not one bit surprised after seeing the jazz festival and then some genius decided to open nightclubs…


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