Covid 19 - The Third Wave (Part 3)

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clever website


3rd thread … Jaysus


30,000 posts … and we had 2 previous to that before the website started doing it this way

I miss the Part 2 thread…


15% positivity rate today.

On here !!! 90% negativity every day .


They don’t make them like that anymore. Hopefully we don’t manage 6 Covid threads in a row…


Sequel never as good as the original

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Mid November see where the hospitals are at

If we hold steady then we may be able to stay fully open

All of Europe is struggling . Germany , Netherlands -Spain be next . Friend was at a wedding last weekend there - said it’s open season

How many were in ICU at our worst point? We have 90 in ICU today.

At the moment in my region, population of 7 million, 216 cases today, 330 in hospital and 87 in ICU numbers have been fairly stable for a while now and more or less everything is open, but mask wearing in general is respected, even when not obligatory…

Anxious Emma back on RTE news, going mad with her consonants, in an orgy of anxiety. Someone should make her a nice cup of tea.


I too was at a wedding in Spain last week (same one maybe) and I can confirm that people’s mask etiquette was absolutely impeccable. Asked for no certs anywhere (except entering the country), not sure what rules are on that. But they’re glued to their masks in my experience.

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In Catalonia only for nightclubs, fairly sure it is pretty much the same everywhere.

Italy it was Covid certs and masks everywhere. With people fully ready to tell you to put the thing on or pull it up.


General public or employees?

Bergamo has obviously left a lasting legacy on them.


Around 220 was the peak


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The problem here with certs is in a lot of cases they are challenged and with the judicial system being very right wing, a lot of measures get overturned, in fact all the fines taken in during both states of emergency have to be returned, because the courts have ruled that the states of emergency were not constitutional.

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