Covid 19 - The Third Wave (Part 3)

Does that R0 apply to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people?

The first version of the virus many people have never recovered from

Imagine returning to those days …


That’s how vaccines work. Some last for life, my in laws have the smallpox one from childhood and so have no need to worry about monkeypox when going clubbing. Others last till the next variant, like flu. Seems to be the same with covid.

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Well, look at hong kong, didn’t get the vaccination program done during their zero covid period, omicron, which some are saying is milder, breaks out and has a 4.7% case to fatality rate.

NZ has a case fatality rate of 0.1% in the same circumstances because they vaccinated when under zero covid.

The vaccines aren’t perfect, no, but the difference is astonishing.

Usually avoid these threads but want to ask what the story is with the second booster.

It appears to me that the urgency has totally gone out of this. It is still only available to the over 65s over four months after it was announced.

Is there a sense that this booster isn’t actually needed? I’d be interested in getting it but they don’t seem pushed in opening it to the next cohort. Strange.

I’d say there will be a bums rush for them in the autumn

There was talk of lowering the age to 50s but not sure if it happened. Think it’s down to 300 in hospital and if you assume that 50% of those are incidental finds, in for something else and test positive, then you can see why the urgency has evaporated.

Don’t know if they’re not needed or just not, for now, I’d hold off as long as possible between jabs.

We are probably all going to freeze to death (if we don’t starve first) over the next winter so don’t be worrying about boosters and all that stuff.


Does that not mean the second one is useless now though - 8 months later?

I don’t think so, I’ve pretty much tuned out of it, but afaik it still offers a lot of protection from serious illness, but there’s talk of an omicron jab coming out which might work better - mind you, no idea how long it’ll be before that’s avliable.

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See the Aussie womens cricket team allowed a player that tested positive and had mild symptoms to play in the commonwealth game against india, nothing illegal, but does stink of double standards

Why? It’s outdoors. Time to just get on with it.

Tennis was outdoors too and nobody was positive, I would have no problem with the girl playing, nor did I have with the tennis player playing.

The tennis was a long time ago. Rules were different then

I said they broke no rules, just said double standards, officially Novax broke no rules, which why they used potentially provoking public disorder to not allow him play .

He told bug fat lies to get into Australia. That’s definitely breaking rules.

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Officially he was refused entry on the public disorder issue, he may have told lies but that was not given as the reason for entry refusal. I did say officially in my post