Covid side FX

Not talking about health, but how has it affected you? The idea is to talk about things you have missed out on, not about the illness or folks that have been affected by it health wise or work…
To start the ball rolling, I suppose the biggests thing were I missed out on the Barcelona Marathon, after that a short holiday in in Bilbao, and I assume a Paul Mccartney concert in June, plus a good few 5k, 10k and a half marathon I had my name down for,

I miss you @bigp the most…


Most likely going to miss out on my honeymoon. A few concerts and the likes and one of the lads gone to oz for the foreseeable and not having a going away party. One wedding postponed and possibly two more that will go the same way

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Live music. And I miss work. I love what I do. And it’s not the same online.


Agree wholeheartedly. I have to keep reminding the bosses of that. They are very keen on exploiting this “opportunity”.

Nothing till do with the bosses in my case. The interaction with students. It’s vital if you’re interested in teaching well.


Massive respect for that post! One of the tragedies of this virus is that it will give technology an even bigger foothold in human affairs…and put more of our humanity ‘on-line’.


Miss eating out, a pint of plain, walking the coastal walk near here, meeting people - actual humans. Zoom is alright but I don’t like it tbh. My business is down 40%. Been minding two people self isolating (Both better now) but it took up so much time I haven’t had a chance to adapt business offering to the new reality, which is frustrating. Anyway will get through it I’m sure - everyone is healthy So that’s the main thing,


I miss coaching the kids in training and watching the games. The weather’s been great lately and the pitches are in good nick. I’d love to be out there having the craic. I really worry some of the kids will have just got used to doing something else with their time by the time we get back. The stronger ones will always be back but I wonder about some of the weaker boys and girls

On the plus side, it’s now acceptable to cross the street to avoid people you don’t want to talk to though. #iIlWind


I missed several gigs other than that i’ll be fine. On the positive side it turns out my wife is a really nice person :grin:


Pints of Guinness (The thoughts of waiting another year for one :sob:)

Going to a match (Soccer, Rugby, GAA) and having the few beers before and after

Yeah missing a real pint, particularly after Croker. Also Tower records and book shops, on line is there still but not the same. Thankfully it’s spring and we’re on the way up… if this was October say, it would be far worse.

Having to drink Cognac because I forgot to get a bottle of Jemmy when I was at the shops earlier and I’m trying to limit my trips to the shops :grimacing:

Was thinking more of events we missed out on rather than things we miss, if not it is too similar to the Things you are looking forward to thread.

Personally I miss training the kids down in Na Fianna and my kids getting to play with their friends in school. Kids need the fun of being with other kids. Sad when their stuck at home with parents, no matter how cool they are :sunglasses:.

Was looking up at a few kids looking out the window at us in one of the family hubs beside us. Brings it home how hard it is for them all year round, we’re really only getting a small taste of why it’s like to be stuck in a building with nowhere to go. Some people have had this for years now due to homelessness.

Count myself lucky to have a job and a home and a garden.


The Hill and our little group of dyed in the wool Dubs who have stood through hail rain and more rain down the years.
Wonder what will happen with Parnell Park Pass this year and tickets like below.

Side effects? Ive lashed on loads of weight. Finding it hard to get motivated. Can’t wait for some sense of normality (if it will ever be the same again) and get back to the gym and classes.

Working from home sounds great in theory but the reality of it is that there seems like there is no sense of structure.

Work is like school in a sense, the social side of it is hugely important, we are not robots.


Missing interaction with students, our business introduced virtual learning back in 2017, I was one who resisted as developing an inclusive learning environment on-line is nigh on impossible. We as a business thought that green issues would push our model towards virtual learning not a virus. Zoom is an excellent product, but in can’t match classroom interaction. Hopefully we get back to it, big business might buy into remote learning as it saves on travel and subsistence.

Are there not a lot saying that there have been security problems with Zoom?

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