Covid side FX

Not that I’ve heard of, we’ve been using it for 3yrs. I have hear that the app houseparty was hacked.

I miss reffing (not sure how many miss my reffing), going to matches obviously, miss been able to pop over to my ma to see her whenever I want. I miss the crack of the office, working from home is fine but having no or very little interactions with anyone for large chunks of the day is not good for anyone.


Ask the lads in Ballymun Kickhams, they know about the Zoom security problems. The GAA have banned it’s use in clubs etc.

News to me, there was an advisory on the use of WhatsApp, have yet to receive the Zoom one😉

I think the main problem there is users not being aware of settings. We used it in work for years with no issues. Be careful how you share the link, make sure the host mutes mic/video and dont allow others to control the screen.

All huge problems when dealing with kids, but at times like this they have to be used. We are using teams, no real idea how it compares to others.

I miss my little business. I miss my sons pre school as he has regressed since it closed. I miss my eldest daughter who has moved in with my parents to mind them the past 5 weeks. I miss shooting the breeze with the hubby…genuine news not the small talk type of news we talk about now given we haven’t been apart in yonks!! But most of all, I miss Pennys!!:rofl:


I was meant to head to the Crystal Palace and Burnley matches v LFC . Crystal Palace stood a good chance of being the match the title was clinched .

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I was at the Bournemouth match, the last (as it stands) league match… i might be sticking that programme on ebay in years to come!

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It certainly looks like it was the last of this seasons games that will be played in front of supporters. I made it over to the Norwich match ( opening match of the season ) and had a mad dash back to get to the Dublin v Mayo match. Flight delayed so we arrived just as the ball was thrown in for the second half . Ended up the best 15 minutes of football I’ve seen in a long time .


Was heading over to United and Southampton and united and Leicester so both obviously not happening. Have tickets for 2 concerts here during the summer and tickets for a music festival in Budapest. Those plus all the gaa matches club and county I was looking forward to going to.

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Really missing Coaching in the Schools, Club teams etc. Was due to start the Easter Camp this morning, although have to say I enjoyed doing skills video’s etc, bit of craic, but, will never replace the real thing. Banter with the Kids, Coaches & Families.
One thing I’ve really enjoyed was the time spent with the Missus & Kids, actually getting to sit down and have dinner together, one thing I will definitely not be changing when this is all over.

To the best of my knowledge, The Guardian described it as malware. Ballymun had ano underage session hacked w inappropriate content and Singapore have banned it. Unless that’s all fake news I’m not a fan

I don t think it’s been banned by the GAA . Our club sent a set of guidelines around about how the use of Zoom will be managed for any club meetings etc

It was issued in the last couple of weeks. Google Zoom and GAA and read all about it.

Miss the freedom to have random banter with friends, colleagues and family. Remote conversations are a pale shadow

Miss coaching kids and a packed Saturday doing sports and other activities with my kids and their friends

Miss the odd pint after work or some evening in the local

Miss sport in every shape or form. Miss attending matches.especially Dubs and club GAA ones. Have always enjoyed the commentary around sport in all shapes of forms was a good tonic after a busy work/family life. That’s all dried up.

Miss holidays and getting away down the country for a drive or weekend.


Some German scientist said earlier could be looking at 18 months before the likes of mass attended concerts/football matches are back. Though he did also say it could be sooner than that.

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Just missing a trip to the capital to visit the Mammy and take in Friel’s Faith Healer. Ah well. And the pint in The Palace beforehand and the one after with a few mates in, ah well…
Locally Féile na Bealtaine is a big loss to almost everyone sa phobail idir óg agus aosta

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Wasn’t banned, the children’s officer issued a ban but further communications were less specific and highlighted to use teams for meetings and that they hadn’t time to evaluate other proprietary platforms

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miss life in general

and biggest fear- we won’t have the infrastructure to have a sense of normal for a long time