CPA Fixture Proposals

CPA have come up with a few different proposals to fix the fixtures crunch.

Impossible to read that on the phone :iphone:

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Are the CPA a recognised body

With 24,000 members they should be. More representative than their elite counterparts anyway!

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not yet, but took the GPA a good while to get recognition.

Their biggest opponent will be inter county managers. A lot of sensible stuff there. It try telling Jim Gavin or Davy Fitz that.

That woukf be a better course of action . Because Until they are recognised they’ve no mandate

Yeah agreed and no way they would agree not to have access to players for 4 weeks ahead of championship

They tried and failed at congress. there’s always resistance to new things initially. A lot of pro-active and sensible ideas in there and they seem to be fairly non confrontational in their approach - which is good. a lot of this is in the pipeline anyway, so if this helps get them through then it can only be a good thing.

Am I the only one who sees a Game of Thrones style impending doom in the future power struggle between the GAA (and County Boards), GPA and the CPA…

There is a vicious cycle of need here, where all parties need each other for the good of the games…

  • GAA - those that generate the money and promote the product (gates, sponsorship etc.)
  • GPA - The GAA need these guys to produce their product, small in number but they are the stars of the show. It’s a matter of time before they look for a slice. The reward has to match the sacrifice.
  • CPA - The two above need these to feed them the players and supporters who contribute to and consume the product…the product provided by the above is needed by the clubs/CPA (to a degree) to encourage people to participate (give the kids heroes to aspire to and the supporters something to support).

While all of the above have a role to play, the thought of an inharmonious battle for supremacy, where all sides fight it out for their slice of the pie (financial, calendar, and player rights), really fills me with fear. Any sort of action by the GPA or CPA, will lead to us losing kids/players/supporters to the dark side.

There are problems within the structures of the above, but lets be honest, they are cracks and not caverns. A balance can be found as long as sensible people can agree some form of middle ground…Not just what’s best for ME…


There are only 2 options, the one the CPA is putting forward of a fair schedule for club players or alternatively inter county players no longer play club football as the current mess is goid for no one.

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I think “mess” is too strong tbh…

How many league games would the likes of Fenton (superstar) or say any of the squad players have played for their clubs this year? I think Jim has been relatively fair in this regard (compared to previous managers).

One or two more would probably be the most I would ask of these guys.

If Connolly was to play half of Vin’s league games (reckon he plays far less than that at present), that would be 8. Add to that say 5 Club Champo games. Dublins 8 league games and 6 (hopefully) champo games. That would give him say 27 matches a year (in football). Throw in a few club hurling league and champo games. that could come up to say 35. This assumes no replays, AI clubs, or OB cup.

This is about the same as your bog standard club dual player (16+16+champo).

I think most would support having a couple of months of no games in Dec/Jan. So we could be talking a game every 1.25 weeks (or 9 days) over the 10 month “season”.
Without being a professional athlete, that is a lot…

The crux of ALL of the scheduling and calendar issues in the GAA is the dual player…
No other sport suffers this. There aren’t enough weeks in the year to accommodate it effectively. It requires compromise.

As a football/hurling only player, you get approx 20 games per year (cup games get canceled or are a sham due to lack of hurlers). Over a 40+ week season. its not enough, but I don’t think it can be dramatically improved. Maybe a game or two extra for round robin champo…that’s it…won’t change, cant change…there just aren’t enough weeks in the year.