Well done to all involved in getting to this stage


Great news.

I’ll miss this guy, though…

Best of luck HB, a legend.

Great news for Ireland. Now all we need is a team again…

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What a thumping for England in D’Ashes.
368-4, batting first, and then to lose by an innings?

One of the lads in work is English and knew this would happen. Said on Thurs morning they’d probably ■■■■ their remaining wickets away on the Friday which they duly did.

Not a bad catch…

Ireland into the Super 6’s section of the 2019 World Cup qualification tournament in Zimbabwe. They beat the UAE today very easily which has significantly boosted their Run Rate. They now play Scotland, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe in the Super 6’s. Three wins, a tall order, would see Ireland qualify. They should beat Scotland and probably Afghanistan. The Zimbabwe game will be crucial and Ireland will also be hoping that the West Indies beat both Scotland and Zimbabwe - which they should. A Zimbabwe victory over the Windies ought to set match-fixing, alarms bells ringing.

Good effort Vs Windies

Yes, not that far off the pace. Windies a better ODI team than their world ranking suggests, I reckon. Zimbabwe not as strong in their first four games, albeit they won three and tied with Scotland. Zimbabwe not beating Scotland gives Ireland hope that Ireland have the current strength to win their three Super 6 games.

Fingers crossed. And hopefully the turncoat traitor pirate Morgan gets out for a Kiwi duck each time in the final test series of the England tour!

He hasn’t played test cricket for England in a long time now. Has he been selected for this tour?

Morgan was captain. Rum show.

Going belly up. My assertion that three wins would see Ireland progress was turned on its head yesterday with the Windies losing to Afghanistan. And now, Ireland are struggling very badly in a low scoring game against the Zimbies.

Very poor batting. It will require a Stirling effort.

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Every cloud has a silver lining.

Run out … FFS … 89-7 with batsmen 8 & 9 at crease. Loads of balls left but not enough of the other …

Ireland kept their hopes alive with a win over Scotland - Scotland’s first loss.
It would now turn out that a Zimbabwe win over the West Indies (currently taking place) would be best for Ireland. If the West Indies then had a narrow victory over Scotland in their last game and if Ireland had a decent win over Afghanistan, Ireland might yet qualify. Lots of ifs and buts.

West Indies looking good here at the moment.
Will leave us hoping for the most unlikely of result of UAE beating Zimbabwe to have any chance of getting through.
Pity as the two games we lost we had the opposition five down for under a hundred but they both ended up getting decent scores. In saying that our batting against Zimbabwe last Friday was brutal.

Run rate required is creeping back up towards 8 again. Windies have wickets in hand but not necessarily strength in depth. If Zimbabwe can break this partnership it will help. Zimbabwe will qualify with victory, also - so their motivation should be there.

FFS… bad over there… r/r below 7 again.