England rolling back the years to the 1990’s against SA I see. 91/6 in their 2nd innings and still 70 runs behind

That’s a good pace attack that the SA bowlers have. Up there with the Aussies. Hard to judge their batting on the back of one innings.

A sobering experience for the bowler.

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Garfield would’ve been upset at having to get up at all

The fag hanging out of the mouth is what makes it :rofl:

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:joy: That’s class!

A mate here told me a good story, he was a young schoolboy when he went to a NZ Vs Eng match in Eden Park, standing just outside the rope as you could do back then (80s). Martin Crowe hit a six, he caught it. TV camera was on him, with a fag in one hand.
Next day at school he got into shit, because he was also wearing his uniform at the match!

'Hon the Ladies


Good stuff. Ladies on top of the middle wicket