Crime and sport, kindred spirits?

So today we see Tyson Fury thanking a somewhat shady character (being careful not to create slander) for making his fights happen. The Taoiseach spoke about it in the Dail. Is there any other sport out there now so inter-twined in criminality?

Leaving aside the less gory criminality in drug cheats in various sports, but I can’t think of any. Again, not a moderator here, but I think it’s advisable not to use names here. I’d imagine initials would be acceptable.

Mexican cartels launder money through Local soccer clubs like Escobar did with his local club back in the 90s. I d say El chapo does nt look in on RD so the mods won t be sued or chopped into small pieces ( well Tayto might be).


Does the Stasi and Dynamo Dresden technically count :thinking:

There is no doubt in my mind that **** **** has completely destroyed ******. Between him and ******* ******* they have made it corrupt to the core. Everybody in ******* knows it too but are afraid to say anything because of his brother, ******.

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Boxing’s history is etched in controversy criminality , mob influence throughout the 30s all the way up to 60s still to this day many believe sonny liston did not get off his stool v Cassius Clay at the time as he was bought off , you look at King Bob Arum and they just are out front in better suits
The reason I still watch is that every know and then along comes a fighter worth watching and if your lucky really lucky you get a few of the real special ones prepared to fight each other in their prime , most recently loved watching Golvidkin and Lomachenko

My favourite fight of recent years was Bernard Dunne’s WT fight, the night Ireland won the Six nations in 2009. Thought that was brilliant. Very best because my 1st born came into the world surprisingly early a week later! No pints/boxing has been the same since!

Katie Taylor is my boxing hero though. Legend!

It would appear that the aggressive nature of the sport (which I really love watching) has attracted nasty bastards to it’s management. I include KT’s father in that.

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I know nothing about these sports but I have the impression that there is a nobility in martial arts that does not exist in MMA. Yes or no? Am I wrong in thinking that a proper master of Jujitsu, Karate etc would trounce McGregor?

All the soccer clubs bankrolled by Middle Eastern despots?

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You’d be wrong on both counts. There nothing inherently noble in martial arts, you get more gangsters, weirdos and walter mitties in martial arts than most other activities. McGregor would spark most people on this planet including “masters”.

MMA attracts wrong 'uns these days a bit more due to its high profile and combative nature. The boxing analogy is accurate

You couldn’t make this up. World has gone fooking loolah when all that is important is money. So Ireland’s biggest crinimal gets a pat on the back of boxing’s biggest promoter. Well we certainly are in the end of the days.

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As a sporting event the atmosphere at that fight rivalled 2011 if not the emotion .

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Ireland losing to Aus after Hamilton’s try in RWC 91 was criminal. Unforgiveable even. Probably fortunate though not to have met them kiwis in the semi.

Belgium and Ireland in 1982 WCQ in1981

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Wasn’t there another robbery in Sofia one time?

More than once. On one occasion was either Hand or Giles was the manager in Bulgaria and the French manager was there too scouting and told them they could forget getting a result as they’d seen the ref going to his room with some state sponsored “entertainment” the previous night.

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Giles , qualifier for 78 WC. Think Ray Treacy hopped off the bench in a melee whacked a Bulgarian player and then sat back down on the bench . Got away with it too .

Was it the 77 game that Jimmy Holmes broke his leg and they fucked up the resetting of it and it effectively ended his career

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Yes I m sure that was the same game. It was pissing rain for most of it.

Five players sent off in that melee?