Croi Ro Naofa GAA

Not sure if this has been mentioned already so Mods feel free to delete or merge but anyone who can, it would be great to highlight the plight of Croi Ro Naofa and their on going issues with anti social behaviour


South Dublin Cunty Council seem to have serious dis-regard for GAA. Huge in contrast to what a semi-professional football club gets in the same borough.


cant disagree with that


I’m not close enough to politics of it all but it certainly seems an imbalance when compared to the soccer club

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Sacred Heart are funded by Joe Maughan. Pitch on his land.

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84 burned out cars since 2018 says it all. I live nearby. The Garda are absolute useless up here. Driving around the areas in morning(all the scores in bed) and having multiple checkpoints where nothing happening. When needed in evening cops nowhere to be seen. Some of the walls around the park need to be built so SDCC need cop on too.


Absolutely scandalous whats going on with them young thugs destroying the pitches. The benefits of sports clubs like that in working class areas is huge for so many reasons. The council have shelled out savage money on Tallaght stadium and thats a great facility to have but putting another 7.7 million into another stand at the back of the goal for 2000 more spectators to me seems a bit much. The council should get off their holes and fix the mess otherwise you’ll have that club collapse and leave hundreds of kids with nothing to do and you start to have even more anti social problems.


That is Council land that was allocated to the soccer club. Certainly not privately owned by any person.

I thought was farmer Joe land?

Was walking through Killinarden Park this evening and gang of muppets on scramblers. Was underage match and one drove onto pitch.


No that’s all Council land all refined for housing planning granted recently.

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Hi lads just seen the thread been a while since was on the site bit of update. Currently sdcc wont engage with us over the park flat refusal to even discuss our submission of an enclosed pitch with no response for over 6 months to emails sent or engage in dialogue.

Every local councillor and TD witnessed first hand what we face on a daily basis in meetings in the park, were given a 44 page dossier highlighting the intimidation, destruction and vandalism that the club faces. Everyone gave us their support they had our back the good guys would win through.

Sdcc councillors voted in favour of the redevelopment last monday week of Killinarden park which does not include our proposal in conjunction with the local primary school for one enclosed pitch to play and train in a safe environment.

Last Thursday we had to request a garda patrol car presence in the park for the entire game against St Anne’s for player welfare and safety due to scramblers encroaching the pitch during a u15 game previous targeting players.

At our nursery every saturday we have to request a garda presence to allow the nursery go without incident otherwise it would be targeted by anti social behaviour.

Every training session and home game (we have had 7 in three years) excluding covid club volunteers have to come the pitch up to an hour before hand to remove glass sunk in the turf to cause maximum injury along with drug parafenilia and cans.
Tonight for instance before u15 girls training 2 full refuse bags of glass, cans and hippy crack to name but a few was removed from the pitch to allow training commence. Even at that it was a recipe for disaster if any debris was missed but we got lucky no injuries.
Sdcc have refused our request for an enclosed pitch stating it’s against council policy sdcc do not fence in green spaces . 5 minutes down the road in Sean Walsh park an sdcc park the green light was signed off by sdcc for 5m fence enclosing football and rugby pitches with ball nets and floodlights. No team to my knowledge plays there yet we are refused having provided Gaelic games in Killinarden for the past 21 years suffering loss of players and mentors due to this antisocial behaviour.

A meeting last Tuesday night the distinct possibility of calling it a day was discussed . The will power and fight to keep going is fading, every Avenue has been explored empty promises by many have been made when the cut came to the chase the communication channels went silent leaving us fighting a flowing tide to keep alive.

What is written above is the tip of the iceberg teams having to be escorted out of the park for their safety, coaches getting assaulted at their front door by a car load of scumbags for moving their little brothers away from causing mayhem during training the list is endless. 1 enclosed pitch is all we ask for. Apologies for the rant I’ve given 13 years to the club since I moved to Killinarden its heart breaking to think this might be the end


Sdcc have zero interest in community sport like the GAA… Yet subsidise professional soccer

Mind boggling


Absolute disgrace that your club has to endure

It’s a bad day for us all when a Dublin GAA club is
contemplating closure because of antisocial behaviour.

I can only wish you all well & hope you will
receive the necessary support to resolve these issues.


Am I right in saying cops are not allowed to chase these scumbags on their bikes? Hopefully one will wrap his head around a lamp post for people to take notice. Fine the parents. Scum raising scum.

I see proposals to put a couple pitches in Kiltipper Park behind the nursing home. Can ye request use of them pitches?


Sometimes I think we have it tough , losing players injuries etc then you read something like your post and it’s both frightening and eye opening
I’ve read on here for sometime how bad Garda n council are out there but Jesus that stuff is rough


Tallaght Garda -if was work in the bed they sleep on the floor.


Agreed but SDCC should be ashamed of themselves totally. They have more heed on the weeds than facilitating safe sport for locals…

They probably claim Rovers are the community

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No guards no longer allowed chase lads on scramblers. I’d say 90% not even qualified to chase cars either

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Yep for safety reasons can not give chase. Think other clubs have those pitches sewn up but I’ll look into it see if it’s a viable option cheers.