Croke Park Development

It seems that peace has broken out thanks to Bertie the mediator, and development works can commence.

Good man bertie

interesting stuff… there was planning permission granted a few years ago for a clock tower for CP on jones road… wonder if that’ll be getting done too.

Hard to believe it but the Cusack Stand side of CP is over 20 years old now. Wonder if they will be doing anything to it in the near future.

When i was on the nally for the semi final I finally got a look at that control centre thing. I thoughts it was up against the railway wall, but it isnt, its a good few feet out. It wasnt a part of the origial Croke Park plan for the Railway end at all, I assume it was put in during the planning permission. There is no need ofr it to be there, all the work that is done in there can be done if they relocated it out to the back of the Cusack. Then they could build a proper Nally terrace.

you can just make out the origial plan for the hill there, but i used to have a better pic from an old hogan stand magazine around 1990 showing it better.

The area in question.

i think i can see how its supposed to work… with the handball alley gone you could have a new hill 16 enterence, i suppose, but the way into to davin is still off the NCR and you’ll still be using Conliffe road… I guess they will close off St Joesph’s and St James avenues there?

Unlikely IMO.

At the back of the Cusack it would restrict their view of all aspects of the ground from a crowd control point of view. If you’ve been in the Cusack and the ball goes right into the Cusack corner of either the canal end, or hill end, a large number of people stand up, thus blocking the view of those behind them. The only way around that would be to built the Control Centre out into the existing seating, which I can’t see happening.

Also from it’s present position they see all tiers of the stands, which wouldn’t be possible if the control Centre was in a stand. From a safety point of view, maintaining a clear line of vision is vital as in the event (unlikely I know) of a fire/explosion, it is not possible to depend on CCTV continuing to work.

i really dont see the need for it to be inside the ground at all - there are plenty of newly built grounds which dont have them or if they do they are in an unobtrusive place. the likely hood of all the CCTV failing is remote, about as remote as the power failing in the struture itself. I saw a garda with a very decorative uniform leaving it during half time (inspector or super grade and upwards)… wonder how many tickets they get lol

I know its not going to move (until the next development of the place in 30 or 40 years time) just wondering about it.