Anybody here invested in any?

I have dabbled a small bit currently owning 2 Litecoins with plans to try invest a small amount each month for 2018.*

Could be a fad or could be a gateway to making some nice “coin”.

My general feeling with cryptocurrency is that no one really knows whats going on yet people are still making decent cash from it.

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Im bullish on Crypto and share the vision layed out in Satoshis white paper.

Its success or failure will ultimately depend on millennials and who better to upset a traditional business model (banking) than millennials.

We can already see the business model being upset before our very eyes, I read this morning some banks in Dublin no longer have cashiers.

Of course the vision will be highjacked by entities such as Kodak who launched a coin for no good reason but the overall vision of people abandoning an industry they no longer trust i think will come to fruition.

bitcoin has a limit but not all do. It could cause hyper inflation if not regulated. And does regulation not defeat the purpose and is in effect banking by another name?

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Interested in it from the off but never put any money into it.

Whenever I kick myself for not getting into it early I console myself by thinking of the guy who threw away a hard drive with around 1000 bitcoins on it.

Total madman bubble stuff now though.

If you had a fairly good sum sitting there what would you consider investing it in without tying it up forever? Prize bonds seems to be the only non-risk with some hope of return.

Was that not an episode of The Big Bang Theory?

Art, such that it is, imitating life.

Still though. Outside of the actual specific block chain technology for each currency. What underpins the value of the coin? Have never got my head around that piece.

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fook all - it will be regulated out and will never replace real currencies. The lack of transparency will never fly with the AML and fraud squad type people (never mind the tax men)

its a glorified ponzi scheme and we are all too late to the party.

It will form the basis of many the college case study in the future i would guess in terms of the bubble and its ultimate demise.

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As witnessed, a bit like racism, it’s all very subjective. Depending on your point of view.

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They do look magic.

I can’t see anything there?!

TL was that the fella from Wales? One of my Customer’s was telling me he has actually commissioned the Local Council to dig up the rubbish tip because of the amount of money it’s worth to him…

So effectively unless every piece of technology we know of is replaced by block chain you’re missing against the wind. Couple of lads in work took about 10k for an initial investment of 500 last summer. Decent return but leaving was the right thing to do.

Possibly, I read about him.

And actually thought he should do something like that as they generally know where each load goes in the dump.

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This thread rapidly going down the toilet …

Craptocurrency …

You feeling flush, for a change?

Cut me off a slice of that will ya?

“The chains of oppression are enslaving us all, smash the cistern!!”

Crashing bad today, people panicking