Cup Matches

Didn’t think it was worth a thread on its own so started this for cup results in general.

Sheridan Cup group 2
Harps 5-09 Maurs 1-11

Maurs a very young side apart from one or 2 aul lads, opposite to us! Was worried when they had around 30 lads doing the warm up in what looked like a very well set up team. Strange that they had so many togged out yet cannot field a second team… Was glad we won so it doesn’t look like me whinging about that, but doesn’t really make sense, or does it?

Joy Cup St Finians (N) 2-15 Kilmacud 0-16

Cilles beat harps by 1…Skerries be disappointed not to close it out as they were 8 up with 12 to play

Always nice to get one over the neighbours Harper!

8 up with 12 to play and lost!!! That’s bizarre Harper …

Bizarre is right. 8 up and well in control too. Conceded a point and a goal to leave 4 in it going into injury time! We scored a point then which the umpire said was wide, but no complaints as we didnt have an umpire, but it was definitely a score. They went up and won a peno directly after that and scored it. Then won the next 2 kickouts and scored points from both of them just before being blown up. We should have closed it out or just fouled them out the field. But sure thems the breaks at this high level of football!

That’s not in Skerries DNA … :expressionless:

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You’re dead right, that was the problem!

Some very good young players Skerries have…the cf who went off was very good…maybe a couple more experienced players would have seen the game out…also the keeper had some boot on him…at one stage he was changing foot he kicked it out from and no difference in distance or accuracy

The center forward didnt go off. Maybe the midfielder? Or half forward? Where you playing yourself?

Yes Keeper has some kick out, only 17. We couldnt judge them at all. Going over the other 45 in the second half with the wind behind them!

Are you saying that Skerries are North County-Lite?

I love all things Skerries … might even start a Skerries thread …

Maybe it was the wing forward…blonde hair lightning fast…ye i was playing well trying to anyway…you playing yourself? Only a kid he’ll be some keeper if he can stay away from the pitfalls of a teenager…at times our full back was getting the kickout

More ginge than blonde! Yea he’s another minor, not sure why we took him off to be honest. I was the one your full back was getting the kickouts in front of

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Was wing forward myself…i honestly think he was taken off as it looked like the game was done…he took a couple of big hits and just got up and got on with it as well so with the scoreline as it was it didn’t look a bad decision at the time…yous will do well in the league I’ve no doubt about that…good side will cause teams problems

Lads is it top team from the respective groups go directly to a final or is it top two going to a semi final?

It was top team from each group into final last year so presume it is same this year

Syls vs Crokes in the VDP final.

Has a date been set?

I think there was different rules for each competition depending on number of teams in it. I know our cup, Div 9, is top 2 into semi’s. Some cups have 3 groups, so cant be just the top 2. When the cup gradings came out it said it under the list of teams what the qualification criteria was