Cups and shields

Just wondering are these extra cup competitions in all divisions compulsory to enter. While some teams will love the chance to play and maybe win an extra few games and a cup, i imagine some teams will have no interest at all and might not be bothered

No they’re not

I think a few teams have dropped out already. It’s an extra couple of games. Lads should be happy to get a few more games in. Be nothing until February 2021 otherwise


Marks and Pats have dropped out as far as I know so not compulsory.

Are the Cup competitions only for teams who didn’t reach their Championship quarter finals?

Beaten quarter finalists will also join in a seperate group.

Anyone know if these cup competitions go on a head to head or points difference if teams level on points :thinking:

And people thought these cups wouldn’t be taken seriously.

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Was onto one of the lads from Raheny, all scored from play :joy::joy:

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Castleknock beat Naomh Barrog in the Snr. B Cup Final, 7-11 to 0-14.

Good to get the win out there as its usually a hard place to get a result.

… is it not a typo?

Have you seen that Junior Panel? On fire.

Doubt Barróg were taking it too serious if I am being honest, I know of at least 2 main players who were not playing much of this cup

Think most teams wouldn’t have been taking it a 100% serious and missing players.

Barrog still had a strong enough team out though and they beat decent Raheny and Clontarf teams to get to the Final so obviously put some effort into it.

7 goals in any competition is impressive to be fair. Looked at some of your chief scorers and many seem new enough to adult level so maybe the breakthrough is coming in 2021

Wer many of these cups actually finished? none of the football ones got past group stages AFAIK, and have since been scratched

No, they’re discontinued now. Included in statement below.

Statement from Dublin CCC:

The following has been decided in relation to outstanding 2020 Dublin club games /competitions as a result of the current Covid-19 Level 5 restrictions, which are in place until December 1st and the winter close down of Public Parks/usual pitch conditions in December / early January.

Cup Competitions: All Dublin Cup competitions have been discontinued. Outstanding games will not be played.

Under 21 Championships: The CCC has decided to abandon its plans to play the 2020 Dublin Under 21 Football and Hurling Club Championships.

Minor Championships: Outstanding Dublin Minor Championship fixtures in both Hurling and Football have been deferred until mid-January 2021 at the earliest. The remaining games are to be scheduled from January 17th 2021 subject to any guidance from Government / NPHET and /or Croke Park which is in place at that time, and subject to Dublin’s Minor Hurling inter-county Championship commitments.

Is Mise le Meas,

Seán MacNiocláis.

Rúnaí CCC Átha Cliath.

Edit, sorry picked that up wrong, thought you were asking were they cancelled? Realise now you asked did any get finished?.

yeah i was aware of the dcc statement. so was wondering did any hurling ones get finished

None of the hurling cups finished.

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