Cups and shields

Just wondering are these extra cup competitions in all divisions compulsory to enter. While some teams will love the chance to play and maybe win an extra few games and a cup, i imagine some teams will have no interest at all and might not be bothered

No they’re not

I think a few teams have dropped out already. It’s an extra couple of games. Lads should be happy to get a few more games in. Be nothing until February 2021 otherwise


Marks and Pats have dropped out as far as I know so not compulsory.

Are the Cup competitions only for teams who didn’t reach their Championship quarter finals?

Beaten quarter finalists will also join in a seperate group.

Anyone know if these cup competitions go on a head to head or points difference if teams level on points :thinking:

And people thought these cups wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Was onto one of the lads from Raheny, all scored from play :joy::joy:

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