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I see there fixtures for Cup on hill16 for 15th-17th May. Does anyone know if this is group format or knockout?

Straight knock out.

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Seems to be a straight knock out as it says ‘Extra time’ in the comments section of each fixture.

Round Towers Lusk pulled out of AFL11N before the season started. Any idea if they are fielding in this?

They only have 2 league teams in football, div 3 and 8, so I doubt if they have a 3rd team just entered in the cup.

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Walkovers galore in the cups already :joy:

I thought they weren’t kicking off until next week?

What a waste of time.

Yeah but a number of fixtures have been conceded. Check the fixtures @

The back matches called off for the snow are next weekend Counsel arent they?

Or were the cups meant to be midweek?

Yeah, back matches re the snow being played next weekend. The cup games were always due to be played midweek.

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TSS conceeded to Round Towers in AIB cup

AIB Cup - St Marys 0-7, Nh Mearnog 1-11

Other way around. Round Towers conceded the game

Next round of the cup are supposed to be 31st May. Any idea when these will be out so clubs will know who/when they are playing?

Anyone know how the Parsons cup is going to work. 3 games on 29 May, will the 3 winners go into a round robin or whats the structure?

Jaysus this lusk team are doing well in the Mooney cup considering they don’t exist. Haha.

Should be O’Dwyers VS Garristown

All fixtures look like they’re up there now

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Lucan have conceded tonights VdeP match away to Castleknock