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Poor Dan Martin. 4th at the end of the first week. Sticking with Chris Froome today, apparently the tour’s toughest stage, 25km from the end of s steep descent, he is taken out of it by Richie Porte (totally accidental) after Porte came a-cropper. Porte is out, Martin re-mounted but lost a lot of time. Martin had been isolated so far in that I think he was the only member of his team in the Top 50 GC - most other GC challengers had some teammates well placed, none more so than Froome.

Awful crash that. Nothing but admiration for the guys who descend as such speed. Martin probably still good for a top 10 GC finish as long as he hasnt picked up an injury from that spill.Quintana another big loser today.

yes he probably would have won the stage as he has a decent sprint. I think it has wrecked his podium chance. it doesn’t look like there is any beating the sky science with Porte gone. Aru looks like the big winner today.

Froome losing Thomas today could hurt him. Good day for the Astana team too. My EW on Fuglsang survives todays carnage.My other EW on Majka not so much.

Jaysus I never saw so many crashes … are they all on drugs or something?

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With Thomas crashing out, Martin would have moved up to third if he’d managed to avoid d his own (two) crashes and remained with Froome’s group. A stage win would have seen him pick up bonus seconds, also.

Terrible bike handling from Porte takes Martin out of podium contention and hands another GT to doctor octopus. Unless Aru has the legs in week 3. Although not sure who to hate more. Sky or Astana.

RTE radio 1’s Doc on 1 this weekend is about Stephen Roche and the 1987 triumphs. Airs at 1 on Saturday repeated at 7 on Sunday. Those 4 weeks of the Tour a particular favourite sporting memory of mine. The CH4 theme music, Phil Liggets commentary at La Plagne and CJ Haughey taking over the podium in Paris.

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Just remembered, the Sunday Roche won I was standing on the Canal End watching us lose to M***h.
Keith Barr sparked out O’Rourke and didnt wait around for the ref to send him off that day I think. Roches win got a fogra announcement over the PA. Only things we had to cheer that day.

Froome not missing Thomas too much, it seems. He still had Landa and Nieve for company up to the last climb in today’s stage. Dan Martin, with not a teammate in sight, remains with the Yellow Jersey group at the front of the stage.

Good to see Martin not showing any ill effects today after the crash the other day. Didnt see the stage but see Froome lost time in the final km. Was he unable to follow or did Aru catch him off guard with an attack?

I was reading the text from le tour website so I cannot answer.
Aru has taken the Yellow Geansai from Froome.
I wonder how much of Froome’s success is down to being Sky Team leader as against anything he has individually over his main rivals?

It looks exciting this year, god if it wasn’t for the fall Martin would have a real chance. It will be interest how they all recover tomorrow and see if the Sky teams advance science come to the for.

Thanks for the update. Was keeping an eye on the stream earlier until work intervened. BBC now saying he cracked at the finish.
Martin appears to have been marking him close towards the finish and obviously jumped away.
Tomorrows stage could be worth watching only 100km long incl 3 Cat 1 climbs.

I got the last ten mins of it today and Froome had nothing left in the tank in the last couple of hundred metres and was cycling squares.

Le tour is wide open this year.

Martin’s two main problems are within his own team. He has nobody capable of helping him out on tough climbs when he needs them (as I’ve previously mentioned) and, secondly, his team’s aim, I reckon, is the Green Jersey.
Last Sunday’s crash was the prime example of my first point. He had to try to make the time lost back up with the help of no teammates and riding with three or four other riders who only were with him due to his fall.

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Just watched the highlights there on Yoyosport… As things stand, that crash has caused Dan Martin 3rd place currently, minimum.

In past years Martin has had at least 1 bad day in the Tour so hopefully the crash was it this year. Top 5 would be superb, a podium would be outstanding. There could be fireworks tomorrow given the stage length and it being Bastille Day.

Froom got away with it yesterday, it was strange that the peloton stoped when he fooked up. Today should suit martin and froom. Short and tough

Landa currently putting a shift in that could see him take the Yellow unless the group containing all of those currently ahead of him in GC get their skates on.