Cynical Play


With the cynical play in Tralee I’d be expecting more of the same on Sunday but is there anything in the rules for pushing in the back or impeding a kickout.

Reading through the rules I suppose a push in the back is only punishable by a yellow on the second offence. A black card is only for a pull down but I suppose a push down is different. Would you see this as a black card offence? Very much down to interpretation and how obvious it is I suppose.

I can’t see anywhere mentioning penalty for slowing a kick out. In the hurling rules it is mentioned and I think the penalty is to bring the sliotar 10m forward. I wouldn’t see that as much of a punishment and I’d even go to the extreme of giving a free kick from the half way line which I suppose isn’t a 100% scoring chance.

You have 30 adrenalin pumped headbangers running around the pitch, another bunch legging it up and down the sidelines in their tracksuits, an ex-pugilist with quare looking bottles that change colour for each quarter of the game darting off an on the pitch, and just one little bloke with nobbly knees trying to make sense of it all with a tiny black book and a pen sticking into his nipple ever time he goes above a canter.

Its no wonder no-one is killed. I attest that nobody is thinking of the children. No-one.


That’s certainly enlightening. I’m glad I asked.

You are most welcome. Most very welcome indeed.

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:joy: mad yoke!

Only a free and a yellow for persistently doing it. Open to interpretation as persistently is not defined !!! but after the third, you could generally expect a yellow to be issued.

Totally different and the rules are the same as above, although a yellow could be issued if deemed to be rough play. Not a black card and not open to interpretation.

Advance 13m and can possibly issue a yellow if the player does not move away when requested to - challenge authority of the ref.

Hey St Pats, why do u want to know? And what’s all that about length of time for kickouts, who’re you referring to?

Presume he means the forward slowing down the kickout.

Yes. It was about the forwards slowing down the kickouts. The first time I really saw this as a strategy was mayo in the 2012 semi and in my opinion if it was addressed it could really speed up the game but perhaps I’m on my own about this. I was really only thinking more about it after the game in tralee and the upcoming game tomorrow.

A good point, considering all the moaning that went on about Cluxtons time to take frees and 45s (proven to be a fallacy anyway), but not a peep about negative and delaying tactics. Shows where the balance of narrative and discourse have lain in the last few years.

Gas thing is, it just motivates our lads all the more. Doesn’t make it ok though, not by a long shot, and the day we get cheated out of a big game a lot of questions will be asked