D.I.Y. thread

I don’t see a DIY thread… So gonna start one.

And woodworkers out there amongst us? Or someone that has redone their floorboards?

Restoring old floorboards in country town house (1820s house)

I’m not looking for perfect flat smooth level and evenly spaced boards. I’d prefer to have something unique with a bit of character.

Basically I would like to keep the PATINA.

Do you have any advice/ input on the following :

    Thinking SCOTCH PAD or a very FINE SANDING MACHINE? Any advice?

  2. WAX or VARNISH?
    I would like to keep the NATURAL LOOK. So ideally wax would be the solution. But I’m also thinking VARNISH would be better has a harder protect surface? Basically I would like to avoid a high gloss - I think? Any advice please?

    I know the old trick is to mix SAW DUST + PVA GLUE. But I’m guessing in this day and age there’s a good putty or filler you can pop in to level it out?

2 photos below show the current state of the floorboards.

Thanks in advance.

How thick are the boards? Are they generally in good knick? If they’re in good knick and thick enough, I would give them a good whack with an upright sander (hand held sander near edges/walls), starting off with a fairly rough grade and working down to a fine grade. Make sure any tacks/nails that are holding the boards down are well hammered below the surface of the boards.
It will be a tiring and time-consuming job, depending on the number of rooms you are doing. You’ll be cleaning dust from your ears for a few weeks!
I would definitely go with a darker stain wax, non-gloss. It will look great once done, however.

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I would say them floor boards are a pitch pine. Usually what you would do is sacrifice one floor in a house and use it to patch the others. I would clean them floors off first before any sanding, then replace any very obvious weak boards. When replacing try replace like with like ( in terms of length ) and obviously center of joist to center of joist. Then sand with belt sander if not used to a belt sander use fine grade paper till you are, remember to sand with the grain eg length of plank direction. After sanding a very very good clean all dust to be removed and Hoover. Finish with 3 coats of ronseal diamond coat .

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and then off to Des Kelly for a nice carpet.


Linoleum please…


Hire yourself a " Drum floor sander " it’s like a old 70s Hoover , and a edge floor sander , they are ready available from plant hire shops , as advised above a good cleaning and or replacement of badly damagred boards and fill any badly gouged boards , then begin sanding work from a heavy grit to a finer finishing grit, there are any number of finishes , but you say your looking for a Matt finishing so I’d suggest a a water based varnish easily applied and drys quicker , save been high as a kite with oil based finishes for a few day :joy::+1:t2:

This will give you a idea

Start your first run like the 1st link to get up the heavy damage , it should level the floor and save you ending up with dips to the centre of your floor boards




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Thanks a million for the tips and insight folks!

Gonna start with the spare room to see how I fair before tackling the main rooms.

Well done, really appreciate it.

I did this in my gaf when we bought it over 15 years ago. Spent ages wondering why we were both completely out of our face for hours after varnishing!!!

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It helpd doing it during thr summer so you can have the windows open when letting the varnish dry.

Remember a big painting job during one of those bitter east wind februaries back in the 80s or early 90s, combination of freezing cold house with windows open all day, and that old, stinky, cheapo paint fumes at night when windows had to be shut. Never been right in the head since!

Anyone recently have a patio installed? Looking at getting one for the back garden. 5 metres x 5 metres. Any idea on the average costs? I know materials will vary the prices but I’m seeing if I would save much if I gave it a bash myself

Depends how many bodies you need to bury?

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Back in 2013, Spent about 2.5k on patio and astro grass, got a landscaper in to do the job, I’ll DM you some photos of it if you want.

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Recently got a patio done (sterling price), standard red cobles laid in herringbone pattern with a charcoal edge. About 6x7m, £4,000 with a few small extras added in.

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Sounds good if you can👍

Depends how much longer the pubs are closed and I have to work from home for

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