DAB Digital Internet Radio

Has anyone any advice on a digital radio.

Looking to buy one for the Ma so she can listen to her beloved Donegal men.

Can anyone recommend a brand or model?


I am looking to get one as well, so this product review caught my eye - hope its of use (Adrian Wreckler from Irish Independent)

and this one as well

Thanks dubincork! Appreciate the links.

I didn’t realise when I was buying first internet radio that A dab Radio wasn’t an internet radio. So I was hoping to get some foreign channels like talksport that I couldn’t get via Dab radio.

Now I am using Revo Superconnect. Its expensive but in my opinion very good.


Just realised I made the same mistake Simba.

No Highland Radio for the ma so…

Another dust collecter :joy:

Only bought one this morning after reading reviews and asking around . Found Argos to be easiest to get to in the end . Looking forward to using it for the sports radio