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So money is the be all and end all for Darragh :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not blackguarding, no of course you’re not. To be fair, he doesn’t play the poor mouth when he acknowledges the advantages his own county have.

Maybe there should be more disclosure on the Kerry Group sponsorship deal .

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Exactly. I’d like to know exactly how much Kerry get. Or rather, I’d like to know how much they reckon they need compared to how much they get. I read somewhere that their girls under-16’s team all recently got kitted out with GPS’s. So obviously they’re not short of any resources - yet they continue to point at what Dublin have and therefore, whether or not it’s explicitly stated, the implication is that we have some type of unfair advantage over Kerry - which is patently not the case.

I think the problem Kerry people are having is that they simply can’t accept that we are now better FOOTBALLERS than them not just gym monkeys any more.


:grimacing: So you’re saying they were right all along then?

Nope, I’m just regurgitating what the begrudgers have called us over the years Al

Calm down man :grin:

ON and on and on and on and on and on it goes, the mantra, the campaign, the obsession. With every piece, with every comment, another little dig, just to get it sunk in a bit more, cover it over with sugar candy and fine words, eloquent or “ordinary man of the people”, sure it’s just the way things are, and no harm to them, and fair play, and all that slieveen, two-faced shii-ite that they’ve always gone on with. But never, never so blatant and sustained and desperate as the last two years.

And with every little drip, let nobody be in any doubt, it’s just a given, not a discussion, not an argument, just a given - sure Dublin have won all this stuff the last few years because of money. That’s why they are that bit ahead of everyone. Yeh they’ve great players, the crop of a century. But even with all that, they are only winning more than us because of money. And it was NEVER like that before.

When Kerry were winning 5 All-Is, and 3 Nat leagues in the noughties, 4 of them won either easily or smashing the opposition in finals and some of the semi-finals too, this was not the case, oh no, pure home-grown greatness, with a bit of hard work & money thrown in, sure you’d have to.

Meanwhile Dublin have won 3 All-Is and a few leagues, with their greatest ever crop of players, and they won each All-I final by 1 point, 1 point, and 3 points, and the semi-finals were almost as close, including a replay last year. And even with that, they only did it because they have more money.

Maith an fear. Kerry, your legends are making a disgrace of themselves and their great heritage, they as much as anything else are the reason you are not quite at the top currently, because their attitude stinks and they have lost quite alot of dignity. People I thought of as greats just a few years ago are now very tarnished to me. Bitter, begrudging, loser attitude. And this all started under Jack O’Connor, the desire to win became an obsession and winning became the only thing, stop at nothing, be paranoid. It’s like an infection


Last week the brother slipped in the scumbag word … by mistake. This week it’s not really about money … but really it is. This constant stuff out of the Kingdom shows how rankled, and ungracious they are, about our success. They just can’t handle it and that’s the truth. We cannot be better than them (and everyone else) without there being extraneous factors. I met one of the 70s players in the Hogan after the Final last September, with close ties to the current team, and he was delighted to beat them - expletively so. He clearly didn’t share this 70s mutual love-in nostalgia. Probably because of this fairly constant and prominent underlying lack of respect from Kerry people. Their success is beyond questioning - no-one else’s is …

Jaysus we haven’t even got a centre of excellence or our own base … We have a manager who does it for the love of the game… unlike many others. We have a superb set of players, some of whom are among the best to wear the Dublin blue … in any era. What does he make of Kilkenny then? How do they do it? Avonmore … or just the best players? Like us now …

Go suck some lemons lads …


You said it. And the gas thing is, some of us still fall for it. I’ve been watching this bitterness and paranoia grow since the last decade. It started very much with Jack O’Connor and the whole Tyrone saga. You would think that the 2014 All-I would have wiped alot of it away, beating Donegal at their own game, and last year dealing with a serious Tyrone challenge. But it hasn’t. Maybe the fact that they have virtually subverted completely the traditional way they play…The worst of them for it are some of the great players of the last 15 years. And the Goat. And their lackies from other counties in the media

Seriously good feature this great to have them all centered in one folder.

The obession with Dublin, Sponsorship & Money is unrivalled I think for a narrative in any sport I’ve ever see.

You’d swear Dublin were a Toulan type figure who are actually buying the countries best players and paying them big wages.

It’s out of control all this talk. It’s not Dublins fault Meath didn’t do strength and conditioning training for years and it’s not Dublins fault Kildare haven’t had an all star quality player since Johnny Doyle left.

A much bigger issue than Dublin having a strong chance of winning the All Ireland is the fact that counties like carlow & longford train for months on end to play 1 leinster championship game then wait 6 weeks to be knocked of the qualifiers, summer over then.

The Provincial System works in hurling because you have a fantastic championship in Munster & a competitive one in Leinster. Despite Kilkennys ridiculous amount of successes, they are not as far ahead of Dublin & Galway as the Dublin Footballers are ahead of Meath/ Westmeath.

In every sport there is imbalances look at La Liga Real and Barcelona take around 90% of the TV Money and leave the rest to scrap it out. Athletico have been to 2 Champions League finals and won the league in the past 3 years. Dublins disparity in nothing compared to that.

It’s really grating on me that AIG and our other sponsors are the reason were sucessfull. People like to forget that we have an unbelievable crop of players in their prime. Connolly, Flynn, Brogan, O Sullivan, McMahon, Cooper and then a great crop of young guys there as well. Obviously backboned by the greatest keeper in the history off the GAA.

AIG’s money won’t be able to cryogenicly freeze Cluxton when he decides to pack it in. We’ll need to find another keeper to try and replicate him.

I hope when the football starts and Mayo beat Leitrim or one of those boys by 20+ and Kerry whip everyone down in Munster that they will get similar attention.

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delighted to see DoSe article getting the rubbishing it merits.

you would think the GREAT KERRY TEAMS OF THE PAST all cycled to Croke Park with sods of turf under their oxters to keep warm in the ditch the night before the day out in the big house. And they didn’t hurt any small animals on the way. And that’s how they got to have close on 40 AI’s, children…

it is relentless this stuff, fram DoSe, ToSe, the Examiner stable - Quirke & Co , TG4’s DO’Cinneide - and on and on and its only May 18.

As has been said outside many an exam hall after the exams by many students - ‘‘what I wrote what so bad there was steam coming off it’’, is apt in DoSe’s case and this article.

I am not looking for any admittance from Yerra land that Kerry are simply not as good as Dublin these days - even if it was written, it wont make the scoreboard move one iota in our favour. Keep the focus on the game, JG does it really well, and ignore the drivel. .


Afternoon all, long time reader of the old Res Dubs and have now decided to bite the bullet and try to make a wee contribution. The shiny new forum was impossible to resist! Plus I really enjoyed and respected a lot of the content on Res Dubs.

To matters at hand…I absolutely love the fact that it’s killing them that we have our foot on their throats. For long enough they thought we were a joke, Liston yacking on about “Dublin haven’t bet us since Elive was alive” and all that palarva (not sure if thats an actual word!), it used to ate me up inside…alas no more!

Coming out of Croker on league final day I was like a big kid. It wasn’t even close, Tomas was “half depressed” whatever that means, because he should have been fully depressed!

They were gutted at the end, a big lovely picture of frustration, Donaghy, Darren O’Sullivan pig sick all of them, pulling and dragging out of everyone. Our lads would have been mullered in the media if they had carried on like that. Their reaction said everything, they are miles away from us and they know it. Thats why the “tactical” stuff from the likes of Darragh is now coming to the fore. His first column of the year and he cannot resist a sly dig. Expect plenty more. I actually like Tomas, I like his honesty, but I hope he’s bi-polar by September.

Anyway, I’m happy to put up with the squealing moaning and whinging, AIG, O2, Arnotts,did i miss anyone??? It’s sign language for “running scared”. Our lads have their number and both teams know it. It wasn’t too long ago I was reading how Croke Park is really their home pitch and they love it when they get back to their spiritual home in August. That’s changing as well now, with the references to Dubs Park! Keep it coming lads.

Anyway, thats enough from me for now.


The biggest crime of all of course is that the article is deathly dull


To be honest, I like the summer less and less each year, the current championship set up with so few games spread out as it is leaves too much time that’s only filled with nonsense like this.

Give me the O’Byrne and the league any day.

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Very true. And Yoda too. Awful standard of ‘journalism’ really.

One point on the money lark. When Jack O’Connor was Kerry manager, the Kerry county board paid for a substitute teacher so that Jack had every afternoon off to concentrate on his real job as Kerry manager. Tadhg Kennelly was given a (AHEM) a coaching position in his year home from Australia. I wonder does the current manager have a cushy number in his teaching gig lets say subsidised by a sponsor or a similar arrangement. We don’t do fundraisers amongst the Dublin Diaspora. I wonder who paid for Tomas and Dara’s flights for their weekend shopping trips to New York?

Yep, I agree. Also with the smaller games you get less event junkies at the game so less likelihood of some eejit roaring in your ear.

But I think people are being harsh enough on the article. Yes, there is a huge amount of begrudgery about Dublin out there, but this doesn’t really fall into that camp. O Sé is just really saying that money is important - which it is.

It does miss the main issue though, there is a thing more important then money and that is population. A team may well win the All Ireland without having access to millions of euro, but no county with under 100,000 people will ever win one again.

Dublin are making inroads into soccer and rugby and soccer and rugby are making in-roads into the GAA in other counties. You can’t afford to dilute a small base, and that is what is happening. Cork have the most amount of registered players (although hampered by the dual issue), Kerry have the most amount of players per head of population, we have the biggest population, Tyrone and Donegal have over 150,000 people (Tyrone also being mainly nationalist so is not diluted that way, like Antrim for instance). Mayo have something like 130,000 people and a big playing population (the last three also having very little hurling). These numbers are more important then money.

They also point to the failures in Meath and Kildare, both of whom have very big populations, and fail dismally, at the moment.

Darragh has a lot to learn from Tomás , he should have used a word akin to scumbag to set the whole thing alight…

Blows, his article does.

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He set the brother up for the heavier bombing by flying his “scamp” drone last year.