Darts thread

Don’t say it….:see_no_evil:

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it doe’s sound familiar though :thinking:

Only 9. An amateur compared to M…

Great to see Michael Smith win a tournament, interesting to see how he goes from here

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a good boost for him goin in the world championship unless he goes on the gargle now for about 6 months

At last. Delighted for Smith. Aspinall didn’t show up at all in the final.

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He could do serious damage now he’s kicked the door down.

Or could lose the drive to succeed.

To wiiiiiiin just ooooonce…

Smith first round in the Players Championship to a virtual nobody.

Must have enjoyed the celebrations from last weekend

Barney and Price gone as well. Short format really makes for a bit of excitement

The beauty of darts is anybody can beat anybody. I’d say the likes of Price and Smith have their focus on the world championship which starts in just under three weeks.

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Oxymoron or paradox? I always get them mixed up.

What’s the point of darts?

The other end from the flights.

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