Denis Bastick Retires

Deserves its own thread. Enjoy your retirement Denis.

He was 28 when he first started for Dublin and went on to win 5 All Irelands .

I always loved this video which was published last year and sums up what he was about.


Sorry to see him go, hugely underrated I think.

His performance in the league away to Mayo 2/3 years ago was one of the best individual displays I’ve ever seen.

That’s a great video too!

Not unexpected but great servant to the jersey. Would have loved him to see some game time this year but he still walks away with the 5. His statement:

There is no easy time to step away from something that has been a driving goal and the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition. But I feel that now is the right time for me to retire from the Dublin senior football panel.
I do so with a heavy heart, but equally with an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction to have been a part of what has and continues to be a golden era for Dublin football.
Playing for Dublin is something I have never taken lightly. It has been both an honour and a privilege to wear a sky blue jersey, to run out onto a full Croke Park and to have been a part of Dublin county panels since 2005.
I have been fortunate to win an All-Ireland junior medal and five All-Ireland senior medals in this time – but of equal value to me are the friendships and the memories that I have amassed along this journey and these are things I will cherish.
There was a time when simply making a Dublin training panel was an all-consuming ambition, then staying there and trying to make the bus for the match day panel, then the starting team and trying to bring Sam Maguire back to the Capital. Apart from the injuries – I would gladly do it all again.
To have captained the junior squad under Mick Deegan, Mick Galvin and Jack Sheedy and been on the senior squads under Pillar Caffrey, Pat Gilroy and Jim Gavin was an honour I treasure, and I would like to greatly thank the assistance given to me by John Costello and the Dublin County Board and successive back room teams and medical teams over this time. A special thank you also to the Gaelic Players Association for their continued support of me and players all over the country. Sincere thanks to my employer EBS for facilitating my commitment to my sport.
Playing for Dublin is special, and I feel blessed to have battled alongside so many special footballers who were a constant source of inspiration through their dedication, commitment and loyalty to the cause of bringing glory to Dublin and raising silverware in front of the Hill.
I owe a debt of gratitude to my wife Jody for her love and support. To my two-year-old son Aiden and my 6 month old daughter Clara -Jane who inspire me every day and who I have had the privilege to carry up the steps of the Hogan Stand to lift the Sam Maguire. To my parents, family and friends for allowing me to pursue my dream, only they will know the sacrifices they have made on my behalf.
I want to also acknowledge Sean McKieran, Alan O’Brien and everyone in my club Templeogue Synge Street, who have played a significant role in my success, for their constant support and encouragement and I look forward to moving from county to club and being able to give back more time to them in the years ahead.
Lastly, to the Dublin fans who were on the road with us on dark days, cold days and glory days – a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support through it all.
Stepping away from this group of outstanding athletes and people is not easy. But I look forward to seeing them continue and cheering them on the journey of being the best they can be and maximising the precious time that they have in that most sacred jersey.
Ath Cliath Abú


Great to see a guy come to the party relatively late like Denis did and enjoy such great success. He was solid - you could rely on him to do a job for you. He had real presence in the middle and anchored everything. Fair play to him for sticking around too in recent years with not much game time. I’d say he was a huge help to the younger lads and I’d say he has much more to give Dublin GAA.

Thanks for being a menace Denis!


That statement sums him up. That guys blood is blue. He will be missed for his strength, physicality and general drive and commitment. Right time to go now. Thanks Denis. A player who kept fighting for his dream.

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Sums up the man. No frills, no fuss would go through a brick wall. A hero and a leader for me since 2009 when Dublin badly needed them. Enjoy the retirement basticus.

Thanks for everything Denis. Enjoy your retirement and the remainder of your playing days with TSS.

Dennis bastick . Taking care of business.

Thanks for the memories Denis. Top man. That flip off the ground will live with me forever. His performance from the bench in the 2013 semi against Kerry was magnificent

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Amazing amount of medals, isn’t it and fully deserved too. Met him in camross when he was down with Sam and he was absolutely sound out.

The backflip - you just knew he was in terminator mode when he done that. Read an article that weekend on him, it was a diary of his preparation and his instructions from Giller was to ‘hit everything’. And he did.

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Bastic announced retirement
Stalwart midfielder @DenisBastick has today announced his retirement from the Dublin Senior Football team. From everyone here in Dublin GAA, we would like to thank Denis for his exemplary service to his county, and wish him the very best for the future…


No great surprise given his lack of game time over the last couple of seasons but still sad to see him go.
He can be rightly proud of his achievements with Dublin, another man who had soldiered long and hard, including a stint back with the junior county team, before success finally came his way, but he was integral to that success when it did arrive for us so I’d just like to thank him for that and wish him a happy retirement from the county scene


On that dark day against Kerry in 2009, I thought we might have been seeing the last of Denis. At the time, I wouldn’t have been too unhappy to see him never play for Dublin again.

I am eternally glad to have been wrong. Enjoy your family life, Denis. A true Dublin legend.


Bastick one of my all time favourite players purely for his unselfishness. Humble in every way, a legend for me.


Good man Denis.

Excellent player and under rated outside of Dublin fans. The perfect midfield partner to MDMA and also Fenton.


Good player that I marked a few times, all be it before he was with the Dubs. He punched me in the guts one match years ago which I saw coming so braced meself. Tried to give him a bit of the same and felt like I punched a brick wall, and that was back then! Fair play to him for the commitment shown to the Dubs


Fixed that for you …


A reallt classy retirement statement :clap:

Great servant to the boys in blue :+1: