Denis Bastick Retires

Very nice fellow, met him a couple of times.

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Denis used to have a serious problem staying on the field - it seemed to be referee-related! Some managers would have written him off because of that.To have put that behind him and make the exceptional contribution he did is a great testament to the man. Only met him once and he seemed to be a gent.

A classy statement with a real ring of sincerity. Am sure all Dubs fans will wish him well.He was a warrior.

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Thanks for everything Denis, a great story, a very solid rebuke for all those constantly harping on about resources etc etc. And yes I am glad he “took a stance” (pun intended) in that awful game in 2009. It was wrong but it made a statement that needed making and was built on, and carried on in style by Rory, Philly, and others. A never tug the forlock to arrogant bullies attitude. And the way he learned from it is a great testament.
His involvement in the squad the last two years will have been invaluable to the younger lads.

Player County Year Games Goals Points Total

Bastick, Denis Dublin-Championship 2009 4 0 0 0
2010 2 0 0 0
2011 6 0 3 3
2012 5 1 2 5
2013 5 0 1 1
2014 1 0 0 0
2015 6 0 0 0
2016 5 0 0 0
2017 1 0 0 0
35 1 6 9

Dublin-League	2005	1	0	0	0
	2006	5	0	0	0
	2007	0	0	0	0
	2008	0	0	0	0
	2009	7	0	0	0
	2010	1	0	0	0
	2011	8	0	2	2
	2012	1	0	0	0
	2013	6	0	0	0
	2014	0	0	0	0
	2015	8	1	1	4
	2016	7	0	1	1
	2017	0	0	0	0
		44	1	4	7
		79	2	10	16

If you had said in 2009 after been hammered by Kerry Denis Bastick would be retiring in a few years with 5 All Irelands you would have got some strange looks at the time. Discipline was a big issue early in his career. I thought when he was sent off against Wexford in 2010 that would be last we see him in a Dublin jersey but fair play he managed to change his career around and become a big part of this successful Dublin team.3 Bastic moments stand out for me. 1.Scoring a point in second half against Kerry in 2011 final repaid the faith Pat Gilroy showed in playing him midfield.2.Coming off the bench in 2013 final and made instant impact setting up Bernard Brogan second half.3.League game against Mayo in 2015 made a unbelievable block stopping a Mayo goal. Was a huge loss against Donegal in 2014 when we were been cleaned out at midfield. Wasn’t used much on the field in recent years but I’m sure was making a vital contribution in the background. A very underrated player and sorry to see him retire.


You often hear players saying that they are always learning, it seems to be the thing to say, but in Basticks case I think it is true. He improved in every way all through his career, a real example to follow for any youngster, he over came all kinds of setbacks to become one of the few players that will ever have a collection of medals like the one he has.

Some medal haul for player who never played minor/u21 for Dublin.

Met him at an SVP Xmas Appeal launch 2 years ago, absolute gent.

Never gave up on his dream and his statement shows how dyed in the wool blue he is.

Enjoy retirement Bassie

Sorry to see him go but what a way to bow out.

That seriously ropey spell he had disciplinary-wise had, to outsiders, all the hallmarks of being the beginning of the end of his IC adventure but he knuckled down, learned the lessons & became a crucial cog in the machine. A great example to anyone because he always strikes me as being, well, literally just one of us. He wasn’t a regular scorer nor, as @Stato82 pointed out, an underage prodigy. He wasn’t forever hanging around Man Of The Match contender conversations. But he obviously burst his b*****ks to hang in under Gilroy, to improve & force his way into the equation.

I remember the story of his “unfinished business” poster at home (after being either dropped from the panel or stewing after one of those heavy AI Qtr-final defeats). He’s made a fitting adjustment to it on Twitter. Maith an buachaill.

Jesus! And all this time I thought he had a good job …

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Bassy the warrior. Fair play to him on a great career, he achievements have been mentioned all on here but the biggest one is the message is to any young lad thinking of packing it in because they don’t make a school team, minor or U21 team he had a burning desire to make it and work hard. Maybe his desire pushed him to ill discipline at times but he learnt from every knock back and came stronger. He will be one of the unsung heroes of this golden era but the simple truth without him around we would have won a lot less.

Anyway maybe he is retired from football so he can play with the hurlers :grin:

Great warrior - always gave his all

And he has more All-Ireland medals than Kieran Donaghy. Ha, ha, ha!

What do ya think of that, Dorothy?


A player I admired greatly. I loved his no nonsence style, he gave 110% every game. He was a great mentor to Fenton. He was apparently a great man in the dressing too. He leaves with a lovly haul of medals and he worked his sock off to earn them.He will emissed but time marches on. His statement sums him up a gentleman off the field but as tough as you get on it. Enjoy you inter county retirement you have given me much pleasure watching you over the years and if time permit him we may well see him involved with the Dublin set up in coming year. Best wishes Denis .

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He brought the sam down to camross in laois a few times .it’s where his parents are from .
Some medal haul 5 celtic crosses in his 30s

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His uncles were Cuddys who hurled for Laois - I worked with a member of his family a good while back - they were always up and down to Laois. I came across this article recently. It’s an interview with Denis ahead of the 2011 final … the one that we robbed. Well worth a read. If you told him then he’d be retiring in 6 years with 6 All Ireland medals he’d probably have laughed at you.

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Good interview but my Jaysus, written like a school essay by O’Riordan. The Paper of Record no less, Kicker!


Brilliant podcast listened to it on way home tonight.

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Great listen , very honest about his temperament, his struggles & ultimately how he got through it all & came out on the right side of things .

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