Denis Bastick Retires

Didn’t realize he was in his 30s for all 5 All Irelands, great achievement. Have to feel a bit for Welo doing those interviews, he served us so well and came so close, still think if Giller had used him in 2010 he would have got a celtic cross.

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Was thinking the exact same about Whelo , just arrived & left at the wrong time .

Gilroy wanted to use him in 2010 - and was willing for Whelan to even join up in the summer - but Whelan decided against it.

Got the feeling at the time that Giller wanted him for role he wasnt comfortable with, not blaming Giller, just felt if we could have sprung Whelo from the bench to replace Ross Mc Connell it would have been enough to get us over the line.
Either way I prefer to remember lads for how they played rather than what they have won and for me Whelo was one of the best.


That before or after the Meath match ?

But to be fair to Gilroy, he was intending to replace McConnell with Bastick, when Rory got injured - leaving us with HAVING to replace Rory and thus use our last sub.

I think it was before the championship. Whelan spoke about it in a detailed online podcast that should be around somewhere (it’s excellent). He said that Gilroy was really enthusiastic to get him back and he spent the first few months of 2010 thinking about it. He said it was a difficult and very close decision. And yes - he regrets it.

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Probably during one of his own podcasts I’d imagine. Might have a listen back to them .Him & MDMA , man . That would have been some sight :sweat:

Great listen. Some achievement by Dennis. One has to feel sorry for Whealo alright on missing out on an All Ireland. But he is still my favourite player of all time by a long shot.