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I’m far from a wealthy man, and I haven’t been to a dentist in over 10 years. Last time I was there, I had one small filling, and it had been 8 years before that! So I have strong teeth and good brushing flossing etc… But I am weary of letting something go too far with teeth! I know the government did away with the PRSI dental benefit a few years ago, so I ask this…

Is there anywhere I can go on a waiting list to have a check up and treatment/fillings if needed? Is the dental hospital an option? I really have no spare money anymore, so I can wait a long time, because I just am not going back to a private dentist anytime soon!

Dental hospital is for urgent work only. Try Access Smile, the Hungarian dental service in Rathgar, they do a free consultation, they will price everything they think you could get done, and to get a cleaning done is only about 80 squids I think. I went to Budapest with Mrs AliveOh, she had loads to get done. I just had a cleaning and one filling repaired, cost me €180 total over there, that would be about €300 in their service here

I went to Venice … Took a gondola down the Root Canal …

What dentist are you getting those prices from? €300 for a cleaning and a filling repair?

I got the exact same done in a Dublin dentist just last month for €120.

I went to the dentist for the first time in almost 20 years(!!) in January - I had a phobia after a VERY BAD experience when I was a teen. Anyway, it turned out all I needed was a cleaning and a filling. The cleaning was 70 yoyos, and the filling aprox 40.

He’s a Clontarf dentist, so obviously top-notch and comes highly recommended. He’s on Castle Avenue, a lovely guy and completely patient with phobic clients like me and doesn’t make you feel like a sissy if you’re sitting there trembling at the sound of the drill. Just Google dentist, Castle Ave and Clontarf if he sounds like your cup of gin. Thanks to him my phobia is gone.


Fair enough, that’s what I remembered the price I saw quoted, obviously forgot. She got alot of fillings and implants done, I’m pretty sure it was alot cheaper.

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Get checked out here, find out what needs to be done and go up to Newry. If you only need to fillings it would be probably just as well to get them done locally, anything like Root Canal, veneers go up North. But if yer mouth is not looking like Austin Powers you should be ok and might get away with just a few wee filings.

Just out if interest, how much did the flights and accommodation cost you?

If you factor that in is it still worth it?

Flights about €95 ret (early April, much more expensive in summer), accom €35 a night double room, small b&b (€50 would be typical for a b&b anywhere near the centre of Budapest, hotels not that cheap but cheap compared to here for what you get). Add in expenses and we didn’t save alot but we reckoned might as well do something really enjoyable with the money we would have been spending on just dental work alone.

Total price for her work quoted was about €1,400 over there, would have been upwards of €3,000 over here, according to their own pricing quote. Needed 5 days (6 nights) over there to do it. Anyway they do a free consultation in Rathgar so anyone can get a quote & make their own comparison pricings. I’ve heard that Newry is pretty good, and with Sterling as it’s going that should become better value.

By the way the standard of service over there was top class, including airport and appointment transfers

Rochey, you should sign up (if you haven’t already) to Living Social Deals and Group-ons and the like. I signed up for the occasional pretty cool restaurant offers (i.e. €60 worth of drink and food in Capt America’s for €30) - but I’ve noticed a lot of dental offers recently for cleanings and fillings.

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Thanks Roman, that’s the best advice so far!

You’re my favorite!

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but if yer mouth is looking like Austin powers ya won’t be getting very far with those groupon deals. As long as ya don’t need root canals you’ll be alright.

@Rochey Dental exam, scale and polish for €35 in Terrnure on Groupon today.

Thanks lads and ladettes. Got sorted, how very rude of me not to post an update!!!

About time you replied I have be waiting patiently by my computer and iPhone waiting for an update.

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