Dessie Farrell to step down from GPA

Management role coming up? hoping not the Dubs job.

County board position?

doubt that - maybe Croker …

I hope Jim not stepping down anytime soon.

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The GPA has been a destructive blight on the Association. The deal this year was a sickening one.

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have to agree with McCusker and this point in particular

"The GPA would say that they are a body that runs by democracy, everybody has a vote and whatever else.

“But on the other hand, like any other organisation, there are three or four people at the top who decide the direction the organisation is going to go. The direction I thought the GPA went was very corporate, very commercial, very advantageous towards the high-profile players that are there and not for all.”

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So Dermot Earley takes over. Time on his hands helps, taking time out of the army apparently. Must be good money as CEO of the GPA

Well almost €7 million per annum doesn’t spend itself.

Small beer for the income these heroes generate.

You get your volunteers to have to pay subscription TV to see them … then you reap what you sow …