Division One 2021

First result that I’ve seen from the evening

Big win for Vins over Whitehall 2-20 to 1-13

Keaney play I wonder

No. Paul ryan didn’t either.
Mellett was mf. Had a very good game.


Cuala change keeper throughout the match? Brennan in for some, Cormac Spain in too. Or else I heard wrong.

I couldn’t tell you tbh. I didn’t have a ticket. So was having a few scoops in the bar outdoor area. Cuala keeper was up the other end second half. Too far away for me to notice as they both have the same coloured helmet.

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Good win for Vins there this evening 3 from 3

Boden 7-20 0-12 BSJ. Very young Boden side.

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Thats some scoreline for division 1, would expect that down the divisions

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