Dog Thread

Hey , anybody got one of these ? Can you order one online or do you have to get it in the Post Office .

I have to renew mine every year, Fingal CC never made me aware that such a thing exists on the annual renewal.

Yeah I think its better off in the long run , cheaper too . Have never seen a warden around , are they an endangered species now :confused:

I have a little Jack Russell. Do I only need a black and white licence?

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Thanks for the reminder lads, got a new dog in Jan and never licensed it, done now

Did you get a lifetime one ?

Dont know, just did it online, €20. Doesnt say when it expires

That’s an annual one Harper

From 1 January 2012 dog owners can buy a “Lifetime of Dog” licence from your local authority. This is valid for the dog’s lifetime and costs 140 euro. This licence is non-refundable and non-transferrable. - See more at:

Funny how they never actually put that on the renewal letters

Ah sure they never last 7 years…

Non transferrable?? Just keep calling your dog Rocky … he ain’t gong to tell them …

On a similar note. Best places in north dublin for training puppies. I heard of some place that does €6 for an hour, but looking online can only find 5 week courses for €130. She is a grand dog, does the sit, stay and that, but going for a walk is a nightmare when she sees other dogs and she pulls the lead really badly

I remember seeing a trainer training dogs down by your old restaurant Harper beside the kid’s playground.

Can’t remember what the name of the company was though.

I hear ya :astonished:, have similar problems with my one .Its a lab and alaskian malamute cross . Walking in the beginning was an absolute nightmare with regards to him getting excited and jumping up on people and having a go with other dogs . It got to the stage where I had to change his walking route to avoid people & fellow dog walkers . He’s very playful and doesn’t bark at other dogs / people but at the same time people who don’t know him construe his behavior like he is going to maul them . I’m hoping with time he will grow out of it . I brought him to training classes but sure everyone there was in the same boat and their dogs were mental as well so we stopped after two visits . If your going for training I’d bring it to a trainer who will train it on its own . I also got him a 50 foot training lead off eBay so he could have some freedom in a secluded area and he loves it . I believe the pulling on the leash can be sorted with a good trainer , just need patience like anything else .

have a cocker spaniel, apart from being a nosey ■■■■■■■ a great dog , but never trained him on the lead , so walking him that way is a pain in the hole

They’re all like that, great dogs but difficult/mad on the lead. I have 2 of them and they’d pull your arm out of its socket if your not careful.

Have a cocker myself and most of the time I take her for a walk she’s off the lead and extremely obedient.

Would much rather she wouldn’t bark like a lunatic when she’s out in the back garden but thankfully, the neighbours never complain

never barks out the back !

grand dog when he’s out the back , frets a bit much if we are gone for any period of time

I have a cockapoo, half cocker half poodle. Mad little yoke. She is tiny but goes for dogs all sizes, not a bother on her. Barks like fook when the door knocks or bell goes which is a good thing

Yeah, she would probably like an intruder to death just like our Holly would.