Double standards thread

A huge amount of hypocrisy and double speak has emerged around Dublin GAA in recent times. This thread is devoted to calling out hypocrisy, double speak, lies etc of all hues.

I’ll start with our good friend Colm O’R. The man who wants to see Dublin split in as many parts as will give all the great young lads a game.

But at the schools AGM recently, Meath represented by Colm tabled a motion that the A competition would be for individual schools only. Perhaps St Pat’s Navan’s defeat to Wicklow schools was a factor - who knows. But he wants to deny young lads in the likes of Wicklow and Louth top class competition. He must only worry about the young Dublin boys fair play to him.

The motion was voted down but could have had repercussions for Dublin schools hurling if passed.

Think of the children Colm.


Maybe it might encourage Bitter in Brazil to sign up and we can properly challenge him on his myopic view of Dublin GAA.

In other news, Jeremy Corbyn will be the next Prime MInister of the UK…

Hi Ewan :wave:

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Dublin fans aren’t shy in wearing blue tinted glasses, every time something happens in a game there’s an amount of posters who will hit to the keys to say ‘ what if that had of been Connolly “ with exasperated distain , some play the victims as much as any county , if the thread is to slag off media/country cousins fair enough , but there’s very little self reflection goes on here , I put Dublin fans into two categories the GAA fan who will speak honesty even if it hurts regardless be it club or county, then there’s the Dublin Man U Pool fan , who may follow Dublin and spend a fortune doing it but can’t see the wood for the trees , apologies in advance for not staying on message and backing up original poster


Your post has nothing to do with this thread? :thinking:

The cabal was disbanded, squashed, obliterated. We can’t have any talk like that around here . The conversation must go one way at all times . Totally objective of course…:joy:

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I love Dublin football and hurling put my hand in my pocket as many do , but at 51 years of age The Who started it , you picked on us first type , feeling sorry for yourself type of debate is lost on me , who gives a shit , when I was 7 in 1974 my father told me as we went to Croke park we are not liked and never will be , I got it then and get it now


The thread is about people who say one thing and do another. Nothing to do with what your posting. I’m going longer than you by the way. It’s about all sorts of double standards so if you have a particular example of a Dub saying something and doing the opposite please post it. Otherwise stop messing up the thread.

There’s a lot of everything these days.

Bar housing, I suppose.

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The thread starts with O’Rourke’s double standards - nothing to do with being a Dub and feeling hard done by. He was actually trying to fcuk Wicklow over.

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Double standards abound, especially in sport and particularly in the GAA. But it’s good to highlight it.

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That’s the intention. If it’s ok with Mr Righteous.

Fire away.

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Don’t worry , therell probably be another thread started in a couple of minutes about something similar :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

There’s obviously a fear that the current team won’t get the kudos and they deserve, I get it trust me as an auld fella, when they retire the masses are kinder but while they play hell No

Do you think the yen will hold up in the currency markets if Britain leave the EU?

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The next time ya have the posh boy cooper in yer joe Maxie ask that’s Sliveen fecker why he has such a hard on for the brazillian. Stirring the pot of shit without a counter argument.


What Matt Cooper does with his private hair is entirely his own business, so to speak.
Double standards are like catch 22, deja vue all over again Rodney.

Ok the blue tinted glasses is a reality - some Dublin fans will hate on such and such a player in an opposing county and they will do vice versa regarding our players and both will ignore, excuse away or deny if one of their team doe s something wrong. That’s human nature. You can often see it at a match where you go mad because of something but when you see it back on the telly hours later you realise you were wrong.

You can also see club agendas a work sometimes when you go online and see lads from counties giving out about their own players a lot then you check them out and realise that there is an element of club bias going down.

Then there are very much double standards relating to managers “expenses” “supporters clubs” county boards, all sorts of funny goings on relating to money and one county to whom none of these apply being pilloried in the media all the time.