Drugs in sports

Is the noose tightening for Team Sky?

Rugby seems to be coming under pressure at long last also. Anyone who thinks those guys can get that big from eating grilled chicken and lifting weights would want to open their eyes. Widescale abuse of peds in rugby from a very young age.

Rugby is a game that will very soon be in a whole heap of trouble. Carter and Rockococo only the tip of a very large iceberg. Notwithstanding the fact that they have been let away with it!

Watching the tennis last week, a relatively unknown Bautista Agut bet Djokivic in the semi final. I know he is carrying injuries, but in the last year Djokivic has probably lost more games than he lost in the five years previous. Federer, although aging has faded away, Nadal is dropping down the ranks too. Was it last year or the year before when there was talk of testing tennis players? Just saying

Federer is purely down to age. The does seem to be some suspicion over Nadal and maybe Djokovic. Andy Murray has become far more resilient physically over the last few years, probably mentally as well, in fairness.

Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and Team Sky cycling are the time-bombs waiting to happen, I reckon.

The whole British Cycling set up doesn’t sit right with me. Brailsford was involved there before he went with Sky. Fair enough they may be using power meter data to push on, but something smells there unfortunately.

The UK’s rise from Mediocrity to massive medal winners in the olympics is odd to say the least. That may come across as being bitter, but it just doesn’t add up.


I think the whole Russia fiasco before the Olympics this year, was a smokescreen to deflect things away from Team GB and the London Olympics. We all know the Russians/Chinese have been at it for years.

But I just got the feeling there was something odd about the timing of the whole banning Russia etc.
In fairness they should lift the Drugs Ban in the Olympics, they’d all be on level playing field then.


Paula Radcliffe record stinks to high heaven .

The injunction on the samples that had been designated by court order for desrtruction has gone quiet . Talk at the time of real and Barca players being implicated.

Williams sisters play one another in Australian final.

Why on earth would you mentioned those over-sized masculine creatures in a thread about drugs in sport?


And the come back from Wawrinka after nearly not being able to walk after the second set is something else too!

Is there still a cloud hanging over a certain Spanish tennis superstar also?

Jeeze a guy can’t have a bit of asthma these days …

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Wada I believe have the evidence to crack that case wide open. A lot of the greats of Spanish sport too

Preventative medicine is great. Why would you not take loads of anti asthma gear to prevent yourself from getting it. Makes perfect sense.

Whats going on in Mayo , are the footballers making calls to THOSE stations on SKY ? PED’s in sport ?

I always did feel Mayo needed a bit more up front.

Nuff said

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Been waiting a long time for this to finally blow up

No way would them British boys do that! They all just became brilliant overnight.

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