Dual Players

Can anyone let us know if any player in their club is Currently playing football and hurling in the Senior Championship?

Castleknock have 3 playing both. Albeit hurling is Senior B.

Still top level. What sort of game time are they doing?

Conor McHugh for Na Fianna.

All starting for both teams.
3 of them are 19, 20 and 21

Jude’s have 3 or 4

That’s some going.

Whitehall have upto 10 in senior A if all fit. At least 6/7 starters on both.

@Hubie Did I hear some won’t play both?

They have played both. Couple stepped away from hurlers but not dual players. 5/6 of dual players now are 19/20 year olds.

:+1: 6 intense games in a little over 3 weeks is heavy going

Got a few inured along the way

Raheny have 9/10 I believe and 4/5 more Hurlers play for the AFL4 team as well.

I’d say 4-6 would start depending on the day of the 9-10 playing Senior in both.

O tooles have 19 dual players on sen b hurling and inter 1 football panel

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It’ll be very interesting to see the extent of injuries and the nature of them. A lot of hammers and muscular stuff I’d imagine.

Thats some going

Finbarrs have 20 dual across SHCB and inter football championship. Same squad bar 3 or 4 who only play each code.

Very difficult to sustain thee way the fixtures are set. Inter football Wednesday and SHCB tonight.


Thomas David have at least 5 or 6 Playing both Senior A Football and Senior A Hurling

Con is Cualas only now I think. Crokes none. Keaney and Boden.

Lambert too?