Dual Players

Yes how did I forget, scored a goal against Vins. Ruairi Trainor for Vins maybe.


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Boden Snr A dual players currently are Keaney, Lambert, Steven O’Connor and Durkin.
Stephen Hiney on bench for hurlers this evening but not involved with football since his return, and Collie Basquel not hurling this year.

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RTL would have 3 or 4 dual players, playing Senior A football, and Junior hurling (both of our hurling teams play junior hurling champo. 2nd team only started this year).

Emmett O’Conghaile with Lucan?

Conor and Eoghan McHugh - NaF

Brian Sheehy starting for Crokes hurlers and on the bench for the footballers

Keaney, Durkin and Lambert have been senior dual players for a generation or two !

Ah now…Lambert is 32 and Durkin only just turned 33. They are not around that long!
Keaney on the other had will be 38 next month.

Brigids have 4/5 playing both for Seniors, Cathal Doyle has been playing Snr for both for 10-12 years, Daire Plunkett did it for a long time also but only Hurling now… Some strain on the body to go again every couple of days during a normal season of league then champo, all players who do so are some servants to respective clubs :clap: :clap:…very understanding other halves also…


Td hurlers have 6 seniors, about 12 inter/junior1s. Tough going.

Are Bodens Keaney, Lambert, Durkin, O’Connor and Dooley all involved with both Senior squads.

15 or so senior boden hurlers tog out for their junior 4 football team but only in champo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just because a lad plays Senior in one code, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re Senior in the other.

Totally agree from a skill point of view , but Id bet their fit

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agreed, a skilled senior hurler who might only train for football a handful of times a year will likely best a junior footballer who trains all year but the hurler is used to a faster pace of game and opponent.
Noones problem or fault as such, just a pain on the lads who train all year to be dropped for hurlers but if they need these hurlers to ensure theres a competitive game for everyone who wants one, then its up to their opponents to up their game and prove me wrong

Eoghan O’Callaghan is another for Cuala. First team in both codes.

You can add about 5 more to that list

I know the Sheanons play football but didn’t think they were with the first team. Do Mark Schütte and John Sheanon still play football? Who else apart from the two O’Callaghans are dual on both first teams?

Off the top of my head Mickey Conroy
2 Callaghans
2 Sheanons
Diarmuid O’Floinn

5 start first team, 1 on the bench.
Probably a few more.