Dublin 1/4 Final throw in time?

Does anybody know what time the 1/4 throw in time is? I’m flying back from Portugal that day so I’m dying to see whether I can make it or not.

Will be either 6pm or 7pm on Saturday August 6th

GAA.ie have it for 6pm, the other game is at 4

Cheers… I checked GAA.ie earlier and they didn’t have it there but I see it now. I’ll make the game thankfully.

Expensive weekend with the minor hurlers almost certainly on the next day as well

Unless of Course one of the qualifier games ends in a draw the week before.

Dublin County Board have it posted as at 6pm


what happens if by miracle of all miracles Kildare beat us ? then that date doesn’t stand right ? as we would be in qualifiers ourselves

That date is a year ago, 2016 :slight_smile:

Oh God…:blush:
more coffee required for me :joy:
thanks SS