Dublin Club Championships 2020

Probably no point in this thread but I found out today that cork midfielder Niamh Cotter has moved to Crokes. Not sure if it’s just a one year thing as I know she’s doing a masters in UCD. Interesting also that there was no news on this whereas there was articles on last years two switches.

I’m surprised she went to Crokes since obviously Foxcab are known for their inter county transfers and links with UCD. She might have been a huge asset for Crokes to end Foxcabs reign. We’ll probably never know now.

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That happened months ago

Calm down man. Calm down.

Yeah obviously I’m quite a bit behind.

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Don’t worry pal I am.

The Link has moved from UCD to DCU

Is there not a rule about players not allowed to transfer clubs while in college?? Fairly sure this rule exists in the men’s game??

Ah right okay I thought it was both. It’s a mad situation though, I can’t believe it’s being allowed to happen year on year. If you’re another Dublin club I can only imagine how frustrating that would be.

I’m not sure about that but she could be moving there permanently. I just know she’s been up in UCD since September. There are other cork players who live permanently in Dublin and travel to cork for trainings so I’m not sure.

Yea definitely does exist in the mens game, not sure if it’s in lgfa too though