Dublin Club Season 2021

I hear some senior and junior teams are back training in Dublin. i cant see a the season going ahead as normal

Feck all else to be doing these days but training. Good for the head too. There will be some sort of season so better to be prepared than not i suppose


Good for the mind and body if nothing else. It’s been a long old year


Say it will be championship / cup again

Was it mentioned elsewhere that club leauge will run alongside inter county league, then club championship in August?

Yeh it looks like that, February to July for club league and inter county season. Obviously covid depending


ah there will be a season, just possibly a start and stop one but IF vaccines are gotten out sooner rather than later and we can get the cases down low enough to stay in level 2 i reckon season could be played as normal, just maybe a more condensed one e.g. smaller leagues split roughly by north and south to reduce travelling and number of games to be played, when you consider dual players lads have no spare weekends for 10 months of the year

Games are possible in level 3, is that correct?

they were during the summer i think, not sure what the gaa’s stance is atm…

Club games are supposed to be only allowed at level 2. The plan is however a joke and needs to be redone considering that it was broken at its launch when they put Dublin at level 2 but wouldn’t allow pubs open (which was permitted under the plan). Intercounty/Elite sports (soccer & rugby) should also have not happened under level 5, but that seems to have been changed as well, although the plan as published still says that they are not permitted.

More flip flops than a beach in the Canaries at this stage


yeah its all over the place, clubs will be allowed train and managers can claim expenses but no matches can be played, its good for the body and mind but kinda defeats the purpose of training with no guarantee of games in next 3 months and no club team needs a 3 month preseason…

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I see proposed gradings are out for league and championship. Must be planning on having leagues

Any link to this lentini?

Having leagues seems very redundant, leagues usually run from Feb to Sept. Can’t see them trying to run off both Hurling & Football leagues in the 12 weeks they have before championship is due to begin.

Split leauges maybe? Half the amount of games might be doable

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I’ve heard that they are looking at splitting the leagues and top two play-off in a Final but it all depends on when we can go back playing games.
I think they’ve a few scenarios done up depending again when we can get back on the pitch


Makes a lot of sense. No reason why they cant play a game a week in both codes for 7 weeks.


Thats true, wonder if there will be Promotion/Relegation. Hard to make a case for it, considering people still having to isolate if they’re close contacts,

Got it on WhatsApp no idea how to post it sorry. Your club sec will have it anyway.