Dublin club seeks manager

Expressions of interest are invited for the vacancy of Manager of St.Brendan’s Grangegorman Mens Football team 2017.
We welcome all interested parties to make contact in confidence for this management position.

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate:
•well developed football and fitness coaching skills,

•a strong ability to lead and guide a team of players,

•a commitment time wise to working with the team and the club

•a willingness to give advice and guidance to other managers as we build footballing skills across all age groups

St.Brendan’s Grangegorman Football are inviting those with an interest in the above position to revert asap.

For further details please contact Treasurer.stbrendans.dublin@gaa.ie

AFL3 Manager Position.
A Northside club wish to appoint a new manager to our AFL3 team. Informal enquiries from interested parties should be made to our Adult Football Rep, Jer Doran, 087 2750069

I wonder will Banty apply for the job :wink:

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Davy Fitz is also interested…

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No it’s too close for mileage

Well if Banty isn’t in the running does the job even exist…

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Harry Redknapp would join anyone for any money

Real job lads. All joking aside it’s a great opportunity for the right person. Competitive club with excellent structures already in place. The natives are very much on side.
What ye think Jim😜


I think it’s a great job for someone to have a serious look at…right man and Lusk imo will go up next year and won’t be too far away from the champo


Who said it was Lusk :grinning:

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It is their adult rep you have to contact. I agree with cilles16. The right man here and you have a serious club who are on the up. They have good structures in place and now also a well organised juvenile section

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The bit where you said ‘To manage our AFL3 team’ sort of gives it away. That’s unless you have transferred club again… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sheppy not up for it?


We are also looking for one.

The Nativity scene will exhibit from 8 December til 6 January in the Club Hall. Ideally if the figurines could be supplied that would be great. We will be able to source fresh straw ourselves and a big star.

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Sorry - ignore that last post. I thought the thread said ‘manger’ …


I know a few clubs you can get mange.

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What about yourself?
It’d be nice for you to give something back to the club that carried Skerries throughout most of your career :kissing_heart:
Sheppy is a busy man. Does his fair share in fairness

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Na, I’ll be too busy with the AFL9 team working on catching up with your second team
Your still sore about the 2 dalys and McGarry, all who live in Skerries wanting to play for a better club? I cant blame them to be honest :joy:

Ah we both know there were more than 3 and they weren’t living by the sea in their playing days.
Catching up is easy. Staying up can be a bit harder :slight_smile:

@Rochey says up will help.


3 that had a long term impact. Aussie, 2 seasons I think? Tongey the same maybe? Anyone else? Sure Gerry didnt play for 3 years or so. McGarry played more with Fingal over the last few years than he has with Skerries and sure Collie never lasts a full match anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: