Dublin club seeks manager

Hardly back to Trinity :rofl:

Yeah, Ritchie and Gay Kelly ended up with 2 brothers in law on the Maurs team, Hermo and Robbie (RIP).

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Philip Brogan & David Neary Id say.
Remember that game myself

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Ah Robbie Delves what a gent and awful tragedy. Think Towers won Robbie’s inaugural memorial tournament this year.


St Peregrine he is gone to. Don’t think trinity be looking this year after winning Div 4.

Seen on Fackbook last week that the Good Counsel manager position was available. That’s a surprise considering they won promotion to Div 3 only a few weeks back.

@Counsel will jump into management maybe :grin::grin:

john o’brien available now

Can see him taking over

without knowing him personally, i’d think he’s their target anyways…

He be great addition though still think he has a couple years of football in him. Seeing him back involved at end of season with Counsel gave me the impression he will be playing with or managing them next season

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Looking at the size of him these days I’d question how interested he is in playing ball. It’d be a great appointment if he were to manage them next season though.

I’d have us in afl1 within 3 years.


In keeping with developments in the other code out Glenalbyn way, I’m half expecting an announcement hailing the return of the messiah from China …

Is Terry Hyand from Cavan the new Ballyboden manager anyone hear the rumour

Colm Nally the new Castleknock senior football manager

More hugely negative tactics coming our way if this is the case …

is that the lad with the glasses that was with Colin Kelly in Louth ??

Heard that alright & seen him at the Skerries/Castleknock U21 Championship game on Saturday.

That’s him

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