Dublin Club Transfers

Is the transfer season open this week or next?

This week.

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If it’s open this week when does it close?

If there’s a link to Transfer deadline dates etc could someone post it up please.


Closes at 5.30 p.m. on Saturday.

Think it’s December 1st to 8th every year regardless of what days it falls etc.

That’s because you can sign all the country lads when they come up to Dublin shopping on the 8th.


The Annual Transfer Season for players wishing to transfer between Dublin Clubs opens as per Dublin County Board Bye Laws at midnight on Saturday December 1st and closes at 5-30pm sharp on Saturday December 8th.

Regardless of age a Transfer is required to be submitted if a player wishes to move club ( even if a player didn’t play this year 2018).

There is only one transfer window.

CCC1 will deal with all transfers up to U/12 for competitions in 2019.
CCC2 will process transfers for U/13 to U/16 competitions in 2019.

Adult CCC deals with Minor grade upwards.

All Transfers must be signed by the Club Secretary ( not Juvenile Secretary or other Club Officer)
Before a Club Secretary signs the transfer application for an incoming player, the Club Executive should contact the player’s club to discuss the situation with their counterparts

Forgive my cynicism but does that ever happen?

Always find this time of season to be the opposite of sky news transfer deadline day , All cloak n dagger whisper whisper rumors to beat the band

And then nothing much happens

I thought you could transfer to any club if you were under the age of 12 without it being blocked

This applies to adult transfers, 1 week window?

Not the case now it seems. I also had the impression that transfers were not required until players played their first competitive game (i.e. U12).

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Yep, with the exception of inter county transfers.

So what happens if you think you have a team, but they fold before the season starts. Can you transfer?

I believe if the club no longer enters any team, you may transfer, but am open to correction on this.

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Thank you
Just wondering, as I know of one club who are doubtful of fielding.

You can. But the paperwork needs to be done at the same time.

Harry Redknapp seen driving out the gate of multiple clubs looks for a camera

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Two quinns heading back to counsel i heard

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