Dublin clubs with Big Potential?

What clubs do people think have big potential for expansion within the next few years?

Anywhere were there is big building development at the moment.

What do you mean by expansion bud? As in participation? The little fella is in Raheny GAA and before the Summer there was about 70/75 chizzlers down, it started back on Saturday and there was literally hundreds down, I’d say over 150 maybe even 200, if you mean expansion as in buildings and pitches it looks like Craobh Chiarans have the whole N32 to lose Sliotars on

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Was out in St Pat’s Donabate last Saturday, huge pitch development going on. Spoke to one of their u.9s mentors, first time they’ve had a dual team in the club and a 1,200 housing development going on beside them. One for the future.


ha… I suppose numbers wise is most important as the rest usually follows. For instance the likes of Ranelagh gales and Clann na Gael seem to have potential and Ranelagh Gaels seems to have huge numbers and that going to underage blitz etc(but with the lack of green space in that area you’d wonder how they’ll manage).

Clan na Gael have big potential, decent bit of land, good growing population and no other clubs close by, the issues there though would be that the area doesn’t seem to have any GAA culture, you won’t even see a Dubs flag in any of the schools this week and the boozers down there will have the premiership on ahead of the Final come Sunday, massive pity if ye ask me, anyway back to the point… The biggest indicator for Club development for me is the Coaching structure, ethos and pathway, (within ethos and pathway I include non-competitive elements also) most clubs in any sport fall at this point sadly,

Both Clan Na Gael & Craobh need something soon , 2 great clubs .

Hurling wise Clans have struggled in recent times and I think Craobh are really struggling, kept going at hurling but the top football side and there only side will be in AFL 6 I assume after giving 2 walkovers .

My money is on the Cabal:grinning:

Indeed … but the true numbers can never be known … :wink:

Ranelagh Gaels are a great club.

have they started entering teams at juvenile level?

in go games blitzes but I think football only ( open to correction).

Liam O’Hagan in Ranelagh showed great vision nearly 20 years back to get it off the ground there with little enough support from co board or anyone else with an attitude there are enough clubs catering for country players and cant the kids go to Kilmacud

likes of Lusk with all the houses being built out there have to be huge areas for growth over the enxt 10 to 15 years

where do the juveniles play?

Donnybrook Rugby as far as i know

2003 if I recall rightly.

Clan na Gael have only one adult football team. They had 3 teams up to a few years ago and have gone backwards at adult level.

Just with regard to location and the fact that there will be a lot of building of new houses going on there shortly you’d imagine they should be doing better. I see a lot of the rugby schools in that area have started gaa and made cumin na mbunscoil finals too.

Remember this a while back and said it to a G.P.O. I know he was telling me that with all the developments in Saggart, Citywest, rathcoole, Newcastle and Brittas that the three biggest Summer camps were in St Mary’s and Commercials. Don’t think either of these teams are up to much adult level at the moment but who knows in a few years.

Fnnians in newcastle are still around and maybe they will pick up to.

Fingal has to be the major population growth are in the past 10 years so Fingallians or Finian of Swords maybe the ones who do well in a few years.

O’Dwyers don’t seem to be benefitting from population explosion at all