Dublin Colleges Hurling

How does Dublin pick hurlers for Dublin colleges? Is it all the lads on development or a select few.

Development squads linked with the minors in the past. Now that minors is U17 and colleges still U18 I’m not sure how it’ll go. It is under the control of the development squad people in Parnell Park.

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Ardscoil won Leinster B U14 final today. Beat Gorey in the semi and Mullingar CBS in the final today. 2.13 to 1.5 final score.


Should be near working up to senior A in a few years I would have thought.

Not a chance. Considering the pasting the Dublin Colleges U14 team took from Kierans (and we had a good few on that team) no single Dublin school will be up to Leinster A. Colaiste Eoin did well for a few years but they were the exception.

Despite all our Dublin wins over the last ten years or so at all age groups that’s only the second Leinster B we have landed. The club set up in Dublin makes it near impossible to compete at A level in football or hurling.

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Great achievement, well done to all involved.

Alan , in what way(s) does the club set up here make competing at colleges A level so difficult ?

Minor runs to December and starts again in February in Dublin and creates a lot of problems for players with multiple training and games per week sometimes. In other counties school have almost exclusive access to players form around the end of October to mid to late March. Hard to compete with that.