Dublin Crest

Lads looking for some clarification about the Dublin crest and it’s use. I’m assuming it’s registered / copyrighted so can’t be used without permission but what does that apply to? Just jerseys, clothing or cannot be used full stop. Reason I’m a asking is I’ve seen it appearing on a lot of stuff lately. My daughters do Irish dancing and winners in the Dublin championships receive medals and trophies with the Dublin gaa crest on them, I know they definitely don’t pay royalties… Does anyone know much are the royalties or is it just permission…

I think we might have had to ask permission to have the crest used when we got the 2010 Tom Mulligan jerseys done up

It’s a registered trademark - it was changed in the mid-00’s so they could protect it and stop commercial companies using it for their own profit

We did, but because of the nature of our event, it was granted with no problems at all AFAIR