Dublin elections

Total disaster for thehonestumpire’s team :slight_smile:

Boylan lost half her vote and on track even on most optimistic interpretation of exit poll to lose around one third of Dublin council seats.

Turnout in SF strongholds like Finglas and Tallaght less than 20% with an hour to closing.


Good to see the Greens doing well. Hopefully that means climate change is becoming a proper political issue and people are starting to vote for issues rather than personalities or who they’re parents and grandparents voted for.

It is good that the very important issues of climate change etc are getting an airing but it has to go beyond tokenism and if the Green surge continues into the next General Election the deal that will probably see them as junior partners HAS to see REAL change on environmental issues and not just a seat or two at cabinet to boost the pensions of their TD’s in the way that Labour did.

Since this thread has the title “Dublin Elections” it might be the best place to discuss the Local Council results for the Dublin area.

Dublin City Council, Fingal, Dublin South County and Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown.

Woke up to FG doing badly in Dublin. Lovely start to my weekend!

Fingal local election. Castleknock tally with 27pc of boxes open.

Emer Currie 16pc

Ryan Fitzgerald 3pc

Sandra Kavanagh 12pc

Ted Leddy 7pc

Edward McManus 5pc

Howard Mahony 6pc

Kevin Mullaly 1pc

Mags Murray 4pc

Roderic O’Gorman 17pc

Natalie Treacy 24pc

John Walsh 5pc

FF 10pc

FG 23pc

Lab 5pc

GP 17pc

SF 27pc

SOL 12pc

AON 5pc

Other 1pc

CREDIT / SOURCE: Conor Feehan

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Voter turnout is thought to be lower than last year in the south inner city of Dublin, according to the early tallies.

Tally counters have so far found only about a 25 to 28 pc turnout across the Liberties, Kilmainham, Rialto and Inchicore which could signal a rise in voter apathy in some of the working class regions of the city.

Last year turnout for these areas was between 30 and 34 pc in an area with low turnout compared to other regions of Dublin.

Only 25 pc of boxes have been open and progress is slower than hoped by tally counters at the RDS in Dublin.

Source: Laura Lynot

Balbriggan tally with 26pc of boxes open

Carah Daniel. 5.5pc

Okezie Emuaga 3.8pc

Martin Hughes 3.3pc

Niall Keady 4pc

Grainne Maguire 27 pc

Garrett Mullan 4.5 pc

Tony Murphy 35.4 pc

Joe O’Brien 2.6 pc

Sam O’Connor 5.3 pc

Tom O’Leary 6.9 pc

Seána Ó Rodaigh 1.2 pc

Malachy Quinn 17.3 pc

Oghenetano John Uwhumiakpor 3.8 pc

Depressing to think that one of the bailout parties is going to be biggest party on DCC.

SF seem to be holding up in some areas but losing council seats on north side where they have TDs. Will just have one in north inner city where Joeys Secretary got something like 1% on a 60% tally!

Also losing a seat in Finglas where former SF councillor Noeleen Reilly is doing very well. The dip on the northside could be crucial in determining Boylan’s fate.

The SF brand of politics doesn’t work. 100 per cent negativity gets a party nowhere. Marylou needs to watch her back now.
Noel Rock’s star crashing to earth as well. FG getting wiped out in his constituency.


Reilly ind republican and McAuliffe of FF elected in Finglas. Total disaster for SF. One of candidates got 98 votes. Around 12% on ridiculously low turnout. Probably just about hold one seat. Boylan no chance if that’s replicated in other republican working class areas.

Depressing to think that one of the bailout parties is going to be biggest party on DCC.

Which one?

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In reality if people didn’t vote left or Sinn Fein during the worst austerity in 30 years, they are not going to vote that way when things start to improve. Voters have short memories and vote with their pocket.

I’ve two relation in the states who told me they will vote trump and when i asked them why they said simply they hate everything about Trump apart from his economic policies.

Parties of protest didn’t do enough to attract floating voters of what they were for rather than what they were anti. So many independents in the field also hamper the smaller parties. Every time there is a low turn out the established parties do well, whats the old FF motto Vote early Vote Often…

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Greens have picked up that floating protest vote because climate change is in news, and people have forgotten their part in the banking disaster.

Someone else will get it the next time.

Just from seeing tallies, and listening to reports, I would say the exit polls are wrong. Seem to have under-estimated the FF vote and over-estimated the SF vote, SF have given up on Boylan as they will be lucky to get 10% and Andrews seems to be several points higher than the exit polls.

Similar in Euros where SF vote is bombing across every county which to me would place a doubt over Carthy and ni Riada and possibly put Wallace - god help us - in with a shout.

Interesting that one of the pollsters talking about the attitudinal aspects kept stressing “of course this is a very small sample”! Suggests to me that exit poll might not be a great clue other than to the poll toppers.

Climate change isn’t going away.

And I’ve said this before, I really don’t understand what people think minority parties can do in the government, they get given a token minister and effectively have no other power. Add to that, that greens were an absolute tiny minority in that government too. I don’t understand this mentally in Ireland of absolute hammering the minority party for things that were very obviously out of their control.


You say:

'Greens have picked up that floating protest vote because climate change is in news, and people have forgotten their part in the banking disaster.

Someone else will get it the next time.’

You can quote me on this in the future. You are wrong. The green vote that has just happened, will not go away, and may in fact grow. It’s a young vote of people who are clued-in. We have recently heard/seen significant evidence that we are ruining biodiversity as well as the climate. This is now different. If you think anyone, except for you, blames the greens for the banking guarantee, you are severely deluded.


Cuffe owns shares in 6 oil companies.

That and their compliance with FF in nearly destroying, not fkn polar bears, but this country, persuades me to regard them as total frauds.

Pattern of Europeans elections here and elsewhere suggests that every election has a party that capitalises on public desire for a relative free bet on parties they probably not vote for in a general elections. It was Greens 20 years ago, WP before that, PDs, SF. Joe Higgins, and now Greens again. Be someone else next time.

Is that true about Cuffe?

How the fcuk did I not see that before?

Edit: Ah here, you are quoting from a 16 year old story and it was his mother’s portfolio which he divested himself of.

You got there first, they are shares he inherited from his mother and got rid of years ago. Fake news.


Did you just read the headline and nothing else in that article :joy:

I would be very surprised if the greens don’t maintain a significant vote in the future. Climate change isn’t a protest vote and people have finally realised the dangers posed by it

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