Dublin Féile Na NGael


Interesting to see some finals played at the Tallaght Stadium. I presume the pitch was not full size

It’s a joke of a pitch for gaa. Seen football feile on it last year & it was too small, carry out goals on the 6 yard box & no markings. A half decent puckout would score a point on it.

Just back from the national Feile hurling finals in Cork. Young lad playing with Naas in Div 1. Very unfortunate to lose Div 1 shield final after being 4 points up going into injury time. Lost by 2 after extra time. Phenomenal achievement for Naas / kildare hurling after knocking out Na Piarsigh from Limerick in QF, Oulart the Ballagh in semi final and then extra time loss to Erin’s Own in final.

Turloghmore from Galway won Div 1 Cup for second year in a row. Have CHF who will be the next superstar. Well ahead of everyone else. Super team.

Dublin champions Lucan got caught by De La Salle from Waterford in Cup QF. Very unlucky.

Overall really memorable experience the whole Feile thing for the kids, families, host families etc. Really great tournament. Finally to add John Horan did great job with presentations & speeches.


Used to work with a guy from naas, he was hurling obsessed.

Not surprised when you see the sh1te their footballers produce … :grin:


To be fair they’re very comitted to their hurling in Naas. Strong coaching setup with coaches from strong hurling counties involved.

Seem to have managed good balance between the the football & hurling with very little conflict. 10 if the lads that played hurling this weekend off to Feile Div 1 in Galway in couple of weeks. Football side fully behind the hurlers & vice versa. Good club.


Great too see. Naas have been strong for some time. Hopefully more Kildare clubs will follow.

Congrats to Castleknock who won division 3


Talking to a Kilkenny man yesterday who speaking glowingly about Dublin underage hurling. saying it is in a very good place. Mentioned Feile results Lucan performed very well and were unlucky in Div 1 Qf, Castleknock won Div 3 and Clontarf beaten in Div 5 final. Also in Leinster regional feiles Kilmacud Crokes won Div 1, Commercials Div 2 and Fingallians Div 3. He noted Crokes blew away three Kilkenny teams in the leinster feile and dublin teams were now marrying skill, attitude and physicality better than any other county.

While i’d be a big skeptic of feiles these results for me are showing the underage hurling programme with lots of games is bearing fruit. The old nutshell is how to convert the good work underage u14 - u18 into adult success.


And how do we convince dual stars to stay with the small ball

That is just it when push comes to shove hurling is second to football in terms of sucesss, glamour, prestige or whatever name you put on it. An all Ireland is my only hope for hurling to be held in equal esteem. I think we are getting a lot right underage as results show.

Win an all Ireland…

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I think we’re more competitive at these events then ever. Which pretty much debunks the nautural hurler thing. There are some really good hurling only forwards coming through so hopefully they can make the step to senior hurling. Slight concern is that a few of them are not big men (yet), it’s fine to have a few smaller lads but you need a mix and Swan will probably be a footballer if he sticks at it/makes the grade.

We’re probably the only county in div1 that has this issue. I know if me aunt had balls etc but imagine if the hurlers had Kilkenny and Costello (assuming they had fulfilled the potential they showed), they’d make a massive difference to match day panel this weekend.


Not sure where to post this but can’t believe u14 Hurling Dev Squad have arranged friendly this Friday with league fixtures set for Saturday & Tuesday followed by Tony Forristal next Saturday. Player burnout/club comes first???