Dublin Football 2018 League, Championship & O'Byrne Cup Stats

Dublin have used 34 players in 7 League games.Appearances+Subs for 2018 League Games
|Small, John|7|
|Byrne, David|6+1|
|Fenton, Brian|6+1|
|Macauley, Michael Darragh|6+1|
|Rock, Dean|6+1|
|Basquel, Colm|4+3|
|Cooper, Jonny|6|
|Howard, Brian|6|
|Kilkenny, Ciaran|6|
|McCarthy, James|6|
|Scully, Niall|6|
|McMahon, Phillly|4+2|
|Cluxton, Stephen|5 (3 Clean Sheets, 3 Conceded)|
|Fitzsimons, Michael|5|
|Andrews, Paddy|3+2|
|Lowndes, Eric|3+2|
|Daly, Darren|4|
|Mannion, Paul|3+1|
|McManamon, Kevin|3+1|
|Small, Paddy|1+4|
|Reddin, Ciaran|1+3|
|Costello, Cormac|1+2|
|O’Sullivan, Cian|1+2|
|O’Conghaile, Emmett|0+4|
|O’Gara, Eoghan|0+3|
|Carthy, Shane-St Vincents|2|
|Comerford, Evan|2 (1 Clean Sheet, 2 Conceded)|
|McGowan, Andrew|0+2|
|McHugh, Conor|0+2|
|Brogan, Bernard|1|
|Carthy, Shane-Naomh Mearnog|0+1|
|Connolly, Diarmuid|0+1|
|Murchan, Eoin|0+1|
|O’Shea, Cillian|0+1|

Dublin have scored 8-107 and conceded 5-84 in 7 League games. Scorers 2018 League Games

Rock, Dean 1-25
Kilkenny, Ciaran 2-16
Scully, Niall 2-8
Basquel, Colm 0-13
Fenton, Brian 1-9
Mannion, Paul 1-3
Andrews, Paddy 0-5
Howard, Brian 0-5
O’Gara, Eoghan 1-1
Costello, Cormac 0-3
McMahon, Philly 0-3
McManamon, Kevin 0-3
Small, Paddy 0-3
Cooper, Jonny 0-2
Small, John 0-2
Brogan, Bernard 0-1
Byrne, David 0-1
Lowndes, Eric 0-1
McCarthy, James 0-1
McHugh, Conor 0-1
Reddin, Ciaran 0-1


Lowndes, Costello, O Conghaile etc are being wasted here and should be hurling for Dublin.

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You may have a point …

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Is it possible to show minutes played by each player and what scores were from frees. If it’s a tedious task no bother.

Jim Gavin Championship/League Record as Dublin Manager Played 85 games won 68 drawn 9 lost 8 scored 122-1403(1769) conceded 56-1010(1178)

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Ok. Off the top of me head…the 8 defeats (in no particular order) were:

2015 league away to Cork & Kerry
Donegal AI semi in 2014
Kerry league final 2017
Monaghan in the 2018 league
Tyrone in the 2013 league
Tyrone away in the 2014 league

Racking me brains here…what was the other 1?

Did Donegal beat us in the League too?!

They may have…what year though?

Are they included OBC losses aswell? :wink:

Or was it Derry actually?

Cork 2014 beat us in league in Croker.

Correct. We beat Tyrone that year in Omagh. Connolly scored the winning point.

Just noticed - Jim has never lost to Connacht or Leinster opposition!

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So 2 losses each to Cawrk, Tyrone & Kerry & one each to Monaghan & Donegal, is that right?

Poor aul Mayo don’t get a look in at all. Maybe we should throw them a bone sometime. :rofl:

No we defo lost to Derry as @Stato82 says

That makes 9 then so.

We beat Tyrone in 2014

Ok so…2 each for Cork & Kerry & one each for Tyrone, Derry, Donegal & Monaghan. Grand so.

Tyrone only beat us once. That was 2013 in league. We drew with in league twice 2015 & 2017.