Dublin Footballers 2022

I think a number of changes are needed for us to halt the decline in 2022.
Getting our best players into the panel for a start also some new blood need league time.

Who’s not in ? If lads are talking the likes of Jack Mac or Paul Mannion is that not a bit disrespectful in that they’ve made as amateurs a decision that should be respected , they’ve moved on so should we
If where talking others fair enough , the usual names from last couple of under 20s will be rolled out and maybe some can make a difference but I’d like to see some of these lads actually do something in the championship to make them stand out


    ?         Cooper     Fitzsimons

   Murch    McCarthy    Small

        Howard  Fenton

    ?         Kilkenny     Costello

    ?         Con O'C        Rock

Aging group. Mileage. Motivation. Tactics. Inspiration.
Bench looks weak…

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How am I being disrespectful to anybody?
we have our best forward, attacking defender and goalkeeper and could be argued Kev Mc could have made the bench, not on the panel and not retired. Clearly we do not have the luxury to do without these and expect our decline not to continue. We are aging all over the field and will also need to give young players game time in the league.

We can move on fine just don’t expect us to be contenders for an AI with the current set up.


If they all stay fit and are joined by McMahon, Small and Scully they’ll certainly be in contention in 2022, if not for much longer

McDaid will hopefully be in the mix to. That could free up James to midfield and move Howard to HF. Costello is an inside forward, not as effective in the HF line.

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Byrne         Cooper     Fitzsimons

Murch Small McDaid

      Fenton  McCarthy

  Howard       Kilkenny  Scully     

  Costello       Con O'C        Rock

lads mentioned have made a choice , Dublin needs to move on from those players , if it takes time to rebuild then we rebuild , players will come along I’ve no doubt , when they decide to move on so should everyone else
We’ve been here before
How can we get Jack back
How can we get Rory back
How can we get Dermo back
Is it so hard to believe or understand players want a life
The squad is still in the top 3 in the country and with a bit of new blood and an improved game plan can win Sam next year


Coopers best days are behind him and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come on and not start games anymore. MacMahon to start instead.

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A game plan of any sort would be a nice start.


I think after Farrell has a good look at club championship he should do what Gavin did in 2013 ( and gilroy in 2010) and bring in a massive panel of 45 for preseason training and take it from there

Time is on his side to have a good look at players this time . In fairness he was good at that at underage so it’s a case of applying it better at senior .

He also has to freshen backroom a bit and steer his current senior players in the right direction and hopefully convince on or two back.

I’d prefer if he was given a 2 year project rather than 1 to ensure that we’re building for the future ( while still competing for the all Ireland be t year ) it’s doable


Some of them don’t play at clubs to stand out

I wouldn’t penalise Archer because Maurs aren’t up to much

Will he freshen up the back room ?

I doubt it very much . Wouldn’t be his general style .

After winning the previous year I’d suspect this year was just put down to a bad year

No covid distractions I’d be surprised if the back room changes substantially

Like the look of mccormack and young from ballymun, both seem to have ability and a steeliness about them too

2 of them made a choice for this year only and also made it clear they have not retired, the dogs on the street know why they are not there. Move on in this instance is a colloquialism for brush it under the carpet which based on what I have heard will mean more disruption in the camp.

Again show me where I have been disrespectful to these players or with draw your statement. I would argue closing the door on players for non playing reasons is far more disrespectful to them.


Mannion could and should come back

The others won’t though be back . Need to accept it and move on I think

Agree on Cooper, he is probably at the Philly stage of 2 years ago. Ftiz can’t go one forever even though there are no signs of him faltering just yet.

McMahon has a lot of work to do positionaly and on his skill set to make it at this level. He does seem to have a turn of pace that was not utilised by our tactics this year.

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I see nothing wrong in hoping Paul Mannion might return.


That a good team on paper however we need young lads starting to make the break through.


That’s what I posted its a generality , a statement ,it doesn’t mention you are anyone else its what’s been posted a thousand times on this site here and in print you started the topic as what I thought was an open discussion , but looks like you started it, want to control it and people should not post if they don’t agree with you
Well your welcome to your thread , good luck