Dublin Footballers 2023

With Mannion and McCaffrey confirmed to be back what club players could feature in next years league and what established players could do with a decent run out in Div 2.


Word is Dessie is looking for Pat Gilroy to join his backroom team…

You would expect that a lot of the younger lads like Lavin, Archer and some of the more established but not guaranteed starters like Bugler and McDaid will see plenty of action. I expect we may even try a few different tactics to see how we can get the ball forward quickly while not leaving gaping holes behind.

McDaid gone?

I would think top of the list is finding at least two new defenders - one as a FB, and a reliable free taker to replace Dean who is likely in his last year.

Waddick (TD), O’Dea (NAF), Peadar OCB (Cuala) all have a decent shot


Back to more important matter. Who breaks into the 26 and starting 15 this year? We’re going to need 3 or 4 new faces, can’t be relying on the old guard to do it themselves.

I’d expect to see them take a punt on a few u20s . A couple of Crokes defenders . After that not sure

Well let’s hope that two of the old guard are new faces in Jack and Paul ! After that I’m not to sure tbh . 1-2 of last years 26 were not good enough .

there was a crokes defender that stood out for me, a chap called O Carroll or somethin like that. i hope he’s still under 20 :thinking::blush:


enough back-to-the-future and lave rory enjoy his club footy. i’d guess that’s what he wants himself at this stage. i think people overdo how much the games has changed in a short space of time but the fb position is one spot where that is very true.

rory or mick lyons types will come again but they are gone for the minute. sweepers, double-sweepers and zonal defence (especially around the square) have taken over. i don’t think any team is leaving a full-back on his own anymore because even touching a forward can result in cards and penalties (depending on which team is ahead of course). dessie decided to go against the grain and did it at times last year and it was a disaster. got us relegated which is a very, very bad thing. don’t care what anyone says.

we need to find a new backline this season and settle on it. it needs to come from what was there last year and 2 new ones this year. they play in combination with mick and jonny this season, whether that means starting or finishing games. then next year they are the main men. we have to look forward

the fb doesn’t need to be a tank because he won’t or shouldn’t be handling high balls on his own. he needs to be reasonablt tall and strong like mick fitz say, but most importantly quick feet so that he can get over to help out whenever the high ball does come in. good split-second decision-making is always a help but you just have to hope that is there or else start looking again.

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That kid from Balinteer with the pace and feet.

Doran if he stays fit worth a look?

Dan O’Brien off Crokes aswell


How are those two getting on with their clubs? They looked the pick of those u20 teams but not hear much from them since.

Millist (defender) or Breathnach (forward)?

Thought he looked good for u20s, how did he go for BSJ?

sean mcmahon what’s the latest with him ? and Mcdaid

McDaid teaching in Dubai I believe. McMahon should be fit and available, not sure he’s a full back he could maybe be more a ball carrying half back.

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